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Daft Punk’s “Alive” Reissued On Vinyl

Daft Punk’s “Alive” Reissued On Vinyl

We love Daft Punk. Hell, almost everyone loves Daft Punk. We also love vinyl. Turns out a bunch of our loves are coming together for a reissue (kind of) of the Alive series on vinyl. Alive 1997 was released by Daft Punk in 2001 and contains an excerpt of their live performance at Birmingham’s Que Club from November of the same year. It hasn’t been re-pressed on vinyl since the original release over a decade ago. Alive 2007 is also a live album, and features their performance from Bercy in Paris of the same year. It’s never been released on vinyl. Daft Punk is re-issuing Alive 1997 on vinyl and releasing a first pressing of Alive 2007 on vinyl as part of one enormous box set. The box set includes three records (2 for 2007, 1 for 1997), a limited edition book, stickers, VIP pass and download cards with a bunch of digital bonuses.

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