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12 Menswear Instagrammers to Follow

12 Menswear Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram has given anyone with a smartphone and a few free minutes the ability to showcase their style without the hassle of launching their own site. With so much clutter, some just do it better than others. So if you’re looking for a few accounts that cover both high fashion and rugged Americana, here are a 12 we rely on to help us dress a little better.


Sure, he’s a well-known men’s style rock star, but that’s not the only reason he’s accumulated 200k+ followers. The menswear icon who has helped everyone from Gilt to J.C. Penney, delivers an intimate taste of his daily life and the clothing choices that accompany it.

2. Tucked Style

When it comes to a solid Instagram account, there’s one thing we look for above all else–great photography. You could showcase the coolest clothes, but if the images look terrible, we’re out. Tucked Style blends classic menswear pieces with sharp photography. And for that, they deserve a follow.

3. Marcus Troy

Does Marcus Troy ever sit still? If he does, it’s only on an airplane. Follow his adventures and his eye for stylish pieces.

4. Blake Scott

If you’re ready for a heavy dose of indigo–and an overdose of inspirational product shots–Blake Scott’s is the account you want to follow. Whereas many Instagram users mix in different passions, Scott’s feed is 99% dapper menswear.

5. Menswear Dog

Yes, he’s a dog. But man, is he a stylish dog. Stop by for the entertainment, but stay for the clothes you’ll want to get in human size.

6. I Am Galla

Adam Gallagher has more followers on Instagram than some teen heartthrobs. And for good reason. His Instagram account is loaded with professional quality images that look like they were ripped out of a GQ.

7. Tim Melideo

Tim Melideo is a dude we’d like to grab drinks with. His feed is filled not only with stylish clothing choices we dig, but nice beer cans and mouth-watering food to boot.

8. Street Etiquette

Here’s the perfect blend of style and culture. While many pieces push you to open your wallet, it’s often the crystal clear ocean, busy city streets and other backdrops that make the photos so stunning.

9. Fashion Beans

With a focus on products and not much else, Fashion Beans doesn’t require you to sift through obscure images to find great clothing. If your only goal is to discover new pieces you’ll want to add to your arsenal, this is one of the best accounts around.

10. Freddy Rodriguez

Clothing on a plain white background can be monotonous and boring. Freddy Rodriguez keeps things fresh with scenic shots taken during rain storms in Paris and at train stops in Brooklyn, all while keeping style as the focal point.

11. The Metro Man

Moti Ankari’s account has received coverage from the likes of GQ, The Huffington Post and others for good reason. Take a peek at his dressed-up duds as he travels to trade shows, meets with supermodels and lives a life we’re jealous of.

12. Fashion Grandpas

True style is timeless. Want proof? Check out some of these dapper gents on Fashion Grandpas. You can only hope you dress this well when you’re their age.

While your Instagram account’s still open, add Cool Material to see behind-the-scenes stuff like extra products, highlights of our travels and plenty of beer.