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10 Instagram Models You Should Be Following Right Now

10 Instagram Models You Should Be Following Right Now

When push comes to shove, we really love Instagram because it allows us to connect with people and faces we’d ordinarily miss out on—like gorgeous models. This roundup is a win-win for everyone involved. It’s a win for us because we got to spend hours scouring the Internet looking for the most beautiful low-key models we could find—you know, for science. You all win because, well, beautiful women. And hopefully these models win because we purposefully chose models you’ve likely never heard of but definitely deserve your attention. So go give it to them! Here are 10 Models You Need to Follow Right Now:

Vienna Kendall

We don’t necessarily know who her photographer is, but Vienna Kendall’s account is pure gold. A beautifully retro-ish aesthetic, interspersed with tastefully edited portrait/editorial stuff, her feed is definitely something we’re paying a lot of attention to. Link

Blakely Ashton

With under 10k followers, it feels like the world is sleeping on Blakely Ashton, a model with Ford (not the car company, though we would be more inclined to purchase a Focus or Fiesta if it were). Beaches and sunshine is the name of the game here, and we can’t help but feel a little happier flipping through the pages. Link

Karli Lar Durden

Karli Lar Durden takes the idea of “more than a pretty face” to the extreme. Even if she wasn’t model-gorgeous (like, actually, she’s repped by Option Model & Media in Portland, Salt Talent in Atlanta, and Ace Models in Greece), the content she posts is right up our alley. Camping, landscapes, beautiful portraits, art, old polaroids—we love it. Link

Eden Rose

“Hot around the collar” is pretty much the only way to adequately express how Eden Rose makes us feel. This unsigned freelance model is the perfect blend of cute and sexy, and her feed is pretty reflective of it. Some travel, some NSFW, some traditionally beautiful portrait stuff, all mixed in with a few selfies and more random stuff. It’s more than enough to give us goosebumps, that’s for sure. Link

Lexie Elston

How this model isn’t famous is honestly beyond us, but we’re certainly not complaining. Lexie Elston is repped by Elite Model Management and she just got a Sports Illustrated feature, but behind those crushing eyes and smile is a woman whose feed features some of her incredible work, random photos from her travels, and some interesting still life and landscape snaps. Putting it plainly, it’s never not beautiful. Link

Elizabeth Elam

If any of the models on this list are “well known,” it’s Elizabeth Elam. Repped by Factor/Chosen LA, she has a Playboy cover under her belt, as well as an impressive body of professional work. Her Instagram is loosely curated and includes behind the scenes selfies, finished work, daily snapshots, and random stuff along the way. Link

Savvy Taylor

Music festivals, travel, color/black and white portraits, and mildly NSFW stuff abounds on Savvy Taylor’s Insta account. Another Factor/Chosen model, her feed is refreshingly… Normal? We guess that’s the word? She might have 68k followers, but her content is intimate and interesting, and her modeling stuff is simply unreal. Link

Manon Valentin

Aside from being unbelievably beautiful, Manon Valentin out of Paris gives the impression that she belongs in a ’80s Polaroid spread. Apart from some beautiful portraits and featured work, you’ll find a girl with a real unique aesthetic. We’re fans, and you should be, too. Link

Joy Hellinga

Wilhelmina, Nevs, and Modelwerk are just a couple of the agencies that represent Joy Hellinga, a model who makes our list because she’s unbelievably traditionally beautiful, but also super normal-seeming. Aside from previews of her modeling stuff, followers will also notice a bunch of travel photos, landscape shots, and breathtaking selfies in front of some truly beautiful chunks of earth. Link

Audrey Bradford

Every single woman on this list is stunning, so we get saying that won’t exactly make you go give them a follow. What makes Audrey Bradford a little different, however, is that her feed is chock-full of her trying different looks. Bikinis and lingerie, but also street style, urban and casual get thrown into the mix. Hell, there are even a few mirror selfies there, too! Link

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