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Seth Rogen Teams Up with Cometeer to Launch Houseplant Coffee Capsules


Looking for a way to shake up your morning routine? Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s lifestyle brand Houseplant has officially launched its own coffee brand. In partnership with Cometeer, Houseplant Coffee has launched a collection of precision-brewed coffee capsules that promise an unparalleled home brewing experience. The Houseplant Coffee line, featuring roasts “Bean There Done That” and “Get Roasted,” embodies the meticulous craftsmanship Houseplant is known for. The partnership seamlessly combines Houseplant’s dedication to innovation with Cometeer’s groundbreaking brewing process, ensuring a flawless cup of coffee with each flash-frozen capsule.

Cometeer employs a unique process with its coffee – each brew is flash frozen with liquid nitrogen at -321°F, locking in the flavor and freshness of the coffee. It is then packaged in recyclable aluminum pods and shipped to customers in dry ice. When you’re ready to enjoy a cup of coffee simply defrost the capsule overnight in the fridge or melt the capsule with some warm water, and combine with water or milk for a cafe-quality cup of coffee in an instant.

CEO & Co-Founder of Cometeer, Matt Roberts, expressed the shared enthusiasm for perfecting the coffee experience: “We were immediately drawn to Houseplant, another company focused on creating carefully developed, top-quality experiences at home.” Rogen and Goldberg collaborated closely with Cometeer to craft roasts that align with Houseplant’s ethos of curated and top-quality products. “From where we sit, coffee and cannabis are the perfect pair,” says Goldberg, emphasizing the delightful balance brought by Houseplant Coffee for both cannabis and caffeine enthusiasts.

With notes of peach, sweet tea, and orange in “Bean There Done That” and the dark chocolate, cashew, and baking spice blend of “Get Roasted,” Houseplant Coffee offers a flavorful journey for aficionados.

The Houseplant Roaster Box, available through a Cometeer subscription, starts at $64 per month, delivering the magic of Cometeer and the Houseplant lifestyle straight to your cup.