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8 New Beers You Should Know

8 New Beers You Should Know

As you hit your local liquor shop in search of some new beers to try, there are a few that are worth keeping an eye out for. Some of them are brand new and some are seasonal offerings just hitting shelves. So next time you’re out scouting potential fridge dwellers, keep an eye out for these.

1. Six Point Hi-res

Big IPAs are nothing new, but as breweries crank up the alcohol content on some hop-monsters, hiding that boozy burn can be a challenge. At over 11% ABV, Hi Res is scarily drinkable.
Six Point Hi-Res | BeerAdvocate Score: 93

2. New Belgium Spring Blond

When you want to give your palate a breather from the bourbon-soaked stouts and the hoppy IPAs, a nice blonde is the way to go. New Belgium’s latest is inspired by their bike trips through Belgium.
New Belgium Spring Blond | BeerAdvocate Score: 81


3. Founders Smoked Porter

We’ll say this, smoked beers are not for everybody. At least in the skilled hands of the folks at Founders, you know it will be made well. The smokiness of this 8% porter is balanced by a nice chocolatey profile.
Founders Smoked Porter | BeerAdvocate Score: NA


4. Stone Brewing Co. Matt’s Burning Rosids

Matt Courtright was a brewer at Stone Brewing Co. who tragically died in a forklift accident at the brewery last summer. This beer was created in his honor and in celebration of his life. It’s a very unique saison that is a testament to Matt’s creativity.
Stone Matt’s Burning Rosids | BeerAdvocate Score: 88


5. Victory Hop Ranch

Victory is on a bit of an IPA roll as of late. Following the immense success of DirtWolf comes Hop Ranch. It’s a juicy IPA that delivers that citrusy goodness that some crave. Might not be the giant-slayer that DirtWolf was, but it’s still really good.
Victory Hop Ranch | BeerAdvocate Score: 95

6. Wells Stickey Toffee Pudding Ale

Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale is never going to replace your go-to lager or pale ale. Still, for what it’s trying to accomplish, it’s better than expected. Not surprisingly, it’s malty with a strong caramel flavor with a bit of vanilla to boot. Good after a meal instead of a piece of cake.
Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale | BeerAdvocate Score: 77

7. Bells Hopslam Ale

Hopslam isn’t new, but it’s the time of the year you might find it on a shelf (if you’re lucky). It’s one fantastic double IPA that’s full of citrus fruit flavors and a well-hidden amount of alcohol. The finish is an added highlight thanks to the honey it’s made with. Find it if you can.
Bells Hopslam | BeerAdvocate Score: 100

8. Southern Tier Grand Arbor

Southern Tier’s latest is loaded with banana and clove flavors reminiscent of some Belgian beers and German Hefeweizens. Biscuit-y and refreshing.
Southern Tier Grand Arbor | BeerAdvocate Score: 86

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