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Once your home is tricked out with all the best “smart” devices, it’s only a natural progression to take it outside. The Bird Buddy might be the most charming use of “smart” home technology by combining a bird feeder with what is essentially a doorbell video cam. The Bird Budy Smart Bird Feeder pairs with your smartphone and sends you alerts whenever a winged visitor stops by for some birdseed. You can quickly take a photo, share it to your social media, and even search for what kind of bird it is. Included in the base kit is the smart bird feeder itself along with a USB-C charger, nylon hanging cord, filling cup, and universal mounting board. Simply hang the Bird Buddy in your backyard, top it off with some seed, and wait for guests to arrive. The Bird Buddy is available in both speckled blue and bright yellow color options. Due to popular demand, the Bird Buddy is sold-out until at least September 2022 but you can place your preorder now.

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Founded by a team of designers, engineers, and creatives across with an alternative approach to all things technology, Pitaka does science and style in a specialist arena with an eye on distinct materials, performance and focus you won’t find from other brands. Pitaka’s wireless charging dock–MagEZ Slider–combines a compact and ergonomic design with a MagSafe sliding battery pack that quickly charge your phone, portable battery and earbuds up to the max. Want to stay connected regardless of how many meetings, cocktail hours or get-togethers you have to attend? Upgrade to MagEZ Slider.