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YETI Spring 2022 Cooler Collection

YETI Spring 2022 Cooler Collection

Last year, warm weather and sparkling new vaccines meant we were able to socialize. This year, warm weather and boosters mean the same. Those, and YETI’s Spring 2022 Collection.

For anything that absolutely needs to stay cold, there’s the new (and improved) Hopper M30. The main improvement made this year is the addition of MagShield Access to the extra-wide top. That means the top stays open as you’re loading and unloading, then seals in the cold with strips of ridiculously strong magnets. It’s a welcome redesign of an already exceptional cooler, now available in grey, navy blue, and pink.

If whatever you’re packing just needs to be carried, there are two new offerings in the Camino line of tote bags. The first is the Camino 20 Carryall, meant for single-day trips. Think grilling in the park, packing for a friend’s backyard potluck, or a place to put your boots after a muddy hike. There’s also a Camino 50 Carryall coming soon. So take that durability and the interior pockets and dividers and up the capacity.

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