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Montblanc’s Latest Pen is an Ode to Enzo Ferrari

Montblanc’s Latest Pen is an Ode to Enzo Ferrari

Car people and pen people have a lot in common. They both enjoy the finer things in life. They both have a deep appreciation for mechanism and craft. And they both respect heritage.

The latest release from Montblanc focuses on the Venn diagram between cars and pens with the release of their collection dedicated to Enzo Ferrari. Considered by many to be the figurehead of Italian racing culture — not to mention the subsequent car company that bears his name — Enzo’s passion for racing and personal magnetism hit the ignition on a frenzy that changed car culture forever.

Who better, then, for Montblanc to dedicate their next pen to in their Great Characters line? The Enzo Ferrari collection pays homage to the racing icon while keeping with the design aesthetics of the German pen brand. No real estate of the pen is left without some nod to Ferrari. The sleek red resin used on the barrel of the pen is a nod to Enzo’s racing cars of the past. The clip itself is engraved with a quote that reads, “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it.” Even the nib is dedicated to Ferrari, using one of his many nicknames, “Pilota”.

If you’re a gear head or just appreciate true craftsmanship, a pen like this will surely add a little gasoline to your otherwise drab pen collection.

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