For that last few years, bartenders all across the US have been making cocktails in batches. From Negronis to Manhattans, bartenders have tried them all. The main reason for this is ease. Pouring someone a well-made Old Fashioned from a pitcher is a lot less work than mixing up a bunch of individual ones. Another reason is consistency. Pre-made cocktails are guaranteed to be the same every time, even when your bar is packed with drunk people.

There’s also speed of service to consider. “For the bartenders, all the labor for the cocktail has to be done before service, so they are able to get a drink to a customer quickly, since all they have to do is prep the glass and garnish, and then open and pour the cocktail,” says Kenny Arbuckle, lead bartender at Cassia in Santa Monica, California. Now, with bottled cocktails at your local liquor store, you can get in on some of that sweet cocktail action.


Bully Boy Old Fashioned

The folks at Bully Boy were tired of mixing up cocktails themselves, so they decided to combine their American Straight Whiskey with Angostura bitters and muddled sugar and bottle it. What they ended up with was a balanced Old Fashioned worth drinking. It saves you the trouble of making an Old Fashioned, while also saving you the trouble of making an Old Fashioned badly and getting disappointed. Link


Jefferson’s Barrel Aged Manhattan

This bottled Manhattan is made with 125 proof bourbon that is then mixed with dry vermouth and cask-matured black cherry bitters. Once it’s all combined, the folks at Jefferson mature the cocktail in bourbon casks for the next four months before it’s bottled and ready for you to pour into a glass with ice and enjoy. Link


Crafthouse Cocktails

On top of running Crafthouse Cocktails, Charles Joly is a working bartender. He knows a thing or two about mixing up drinks. This line of bottled cocktails came to be because Joly realized that he’s mixed three pretty good cocktails in his time behind the bar, the Southside, Moscow Mule and Paloma. Instead of just writing down the recipes he used, he decided the time was right to package and sell them to the masses. Link


Arty’s Old Fashioned Whiskey Sour

The whiskey sour is a classic cocktail that can easily be ruined by cloyingly sweet sour mix. Arty’s understands that there is a fine line between too sweet and too sour when it comes to the creation of this drink. It’s made with the perfect ratios of whiskey, bitters and sugar to create a unique flavor with just a hint of carbonation to finish. Link


Fluid Dynamics Brandy Manhattan

Fluid Dynamics makes a few different bottled cocktails and they are all really good. One of the best is their version of the classic Brandy Manhattan. Their version is made with Germain-Robin Brandy and Andy Quady’s Vya sweet Vermouth. They invite you to enjoy it as is or add your own dash of bitters. If you have them, we recommend the bitters. They compliment what’s already in the drink and really, the work’s been done for you anyway. Link


Hochstadter’s Slow and Low Rock & Rye

The first well-known bottled cocktail was the “rock and rye.” Originally, it was sold at apothecaries and pharmacies as a medicinal tonic in the 1800s. This version is made with rye whiskey, dried naval oranges, raw honey, angostura bitters and rock candy to give the potion a sweet finish. So drink like you’re sick, but maybe not until you’re sick. Although, that means you need more tonic. Link


Austin Cocktails Cucumber Vodka Mojito

Austin Cocktails take on the classic mojito is made with vodka, cucumber, mint, lime and organic agave nectar. They chose a specific type of mint that, even when bottled, will keep its flavor and get the right hit of mint that you expect in a mojito. The addition of cucumber gives this drink a subtle freshness that propels it beyond the norm. It also means it counts as a serving of vegetables. Link


Watershed Old Fashioned

If you’re going to try one bottled cocktail, this one should be it. Watershed perfected the bottled Old Fashioned by mixing together bourbon, orange and aromatic bitters along with cherry juice and raw sugar. The result is a complex cocktail that stands up after pour. Link

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