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  • Qantas-Is-Selling-off-Their-Recently-Decommissioned-Bar-Carts--with-the-Wine-2

Australian Airline Qantas might not have built the 747 aircraft that became the cornerstone of their fleet–Boeing built the plane–but they made it their own with their customizations, logos, amenities and yes, their bar carts. Unlike most other carriers, Qantas was all about taking care of their returning customers–particularly the ones that imbibed. When the fleet of 747s got decommissioned earlier this year because of COVID, Qantas decided to make an event of it and sell off some thousand Qantas 747 Bar Carts that are fully stocked with the reds, whites, champagnes and other amenities you’d be provided with on one of the Australian airline’s flights. Each half bar cart includes–in addition to the cool, battle worn cart itself–40 mini bottles of white, 40 mini bottles of red, 1 bottle of champagne from the business class cellar, 1 sleeve of Tim Tams, 1 sleeve of savoury biscuits, 1 packet of smoked almonds, 2x amenity kits, 1 First Class blanket and 2 sleeper suits. For the record–because who keeps track of wine in mini bottles–it’s about 4 minis to 1 full bottle, which means this bar cart includes over 20 total bottles of wine. The 747 Half Bar Cart is $975 fully loaded, and the 747 Full Size Bar Cart will set you back $1475 with delivery in metro Australia.


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