Award-winning distillery Laws Whiskey House has just announced its latest, terroir-driven release: a Limited Edition Centennial Straight Wheat. Made from 100% soft white centennial wheat grown in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, this whiskey is gentle in its approach but distinctively flavorful. Laws aged this whiskey for over four years in charred oak barrels resulting in a complex flavor profile with notes of bitter orange peel, floral teas, and lush honey.

This is a truly unique release from one of the best whiskey distilleries in the US. Laws manages to capture the specificities of its Colorado environment by only using heirloom grains from local farms and open-air fermentation. And, this limited release straight wheat whiskey was Bottled in Bond meaning it used the grain of a single season, made by one distiller at a single distillery, aged at least four years, and bottled at 100 proof.

We gave the whiskey a try and found really lovely berry notes in the aroma and flavor. Taking a sip of this limited release is like a rush of warm sunshine in a grassy field. Seriously!

The Laws Bonded Centennial Straight Wheat Whiskey is available directly from the distillery and is expected to last through the summer.

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