Crystal Head Vodka is a multi-award-winning vodka from the legendary Dan Akroyd that works in everything from a martini to a Bloody Mary. But the spirit, despite being an absolutely delicious vodka, constantly gets overshadowed by its glorious, Indiana Jones style crystal skull bottle. Whether you’re putting it on display full, turning it into a bowl or converting it into a wall sconce, it’s a gorgeous bottle that looks just as good as the juice inside tastes. Just in time for Halloween this year, Crystal Skull is releasing an ultra-limited Bone Bottle in bone white throughout the United States and a few provinces in Canada. The special edition Bone Bottle will still be priced the same as normal bottles and filled with the same quadruple-distilled, seven times filtered crystal clear spirit that’s been in the skull since it was first released. Here’s hoping we can all get our hands on a bottle while it’s available.


Digging for the scoop in a bag of coffee means you’re going to get grounds stuck under your fingernails. Not clamping that bag shut when you’re done means those grounds could also end up all over your shelf. The Coffee Scoop Bag Clip solves both those problems. The stainless steel Coffee Scoop Bag Clip has a 1 tablespoon measuring cup on the end of the clip for easy scooping and sealing.