Steaks. Chops. Ribs. Burgers. Veggies. Fish. The list of things that end up delicious after just the right amount of time on the grill is all but endless. While we’re all for perfectly prepared naked meat, there are quite a few grilling sauces out there that can improve or compliment your protein. In our opinion, these are the best grilling sauces around.


Napa Jack’s Cabernet & Roasted Garlic Marinade

Extra virgin olive oil, Cabernet wine vinegar, Worcestershire, garlic and spices come together beautifully in this marinade that’s all but guaranteed to improve the taste of even the best steaks, ribs or chops. Napa Jack’s Cabernet & Roasted Garlic Marinade can also be used as a base for roasting or slow cooking, but we’re partial to using the all natural sauce for its original purpose and soaking some great cuts of meat overnight prior to them hitting the charcoal grill. In terms of expanding the flavor profile of your meats, this might be the best grilling marinade out there


Schlotterbeck & Foss Honey Buffalo Chef Sauce

Schlotterbeck & Foss has been quietly doing their thing handcrafting small-batch products for over 150 years. In that time they’ve made everything from apothecary products and patented medicines to flavoring extracts and, most recently, private label premium sauces for popular restaurants and supermarkets, but their commitment to quality and small batch production remains the same. All of that shows in their Honey Buffalo Chef Sauce. The sweet and spicy sauce combines cayenne peppers and honey with a tomato base to craft a complex flavor profile that tastes like an upgraded version of a wing shop sauce that’s also good for blue cheese burgers or shrimp.


CaJohns Reaper Barbeque Sauce

With a chili combination of habaneros, Carolina Reapers, cayennes and chile caribe, CaJohns Reaper Barbeque Sauce is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. CaJohn Fiery Foods Company definitely packed their decades of experience into crafting one hell of a spicy barbecue sauce, but it’s balanced with tomatoes, brown sugar and vinegar to make it full of flavor in addition to the heat. Don’t get us wrong, when you put a previous “World’s Hottest Chili” record holder in a sauce, it’s going to set things on fire, but this particular sauce is anything but one note.


Edith’s Best Gourmet Sauce

Edith’s Best Gourmet Sauce is a newly launched sauce that works as a marinade, barbecue sauce or even as a dipping sauce. With an initial hit of spice followed by a tangy and slightly sweet finish, Edith’s Best lives up to their slogan that it “goes well with everything” because it compliments everything from chicken and beef to veggies and grilled sandwiches without overpowering the natural flavors of whatever you put the sauce on.


Williams Sonoma Artisan BBQ Sauce Kit

If you’re one of those guys that would rather impress friends and family with your DIY skills than something you pulled out the bottle and slathered on your protein of choice, you won’t do better than the Williams Sonoma Artisan BBQ Sauce Kit. Obviously this is going to take a little more prep work and experimentation on your end, but this kit has all the supplies you need to craft everything from a savory tomato-based sauce to a luscious mustard sauce. With three different bottles for your sauce creations, you’re only limited by your imagination and willingness to experiment.


Bone Suckin’ Sauce

Want a barbecue sauce with enough delicious notes and natural ingredients to get rated as the best barbecue sauce in the USA in places like both Newsweek and Health? Look no further than Bone Suckin’ Sauce. The name doesn’t lie, either. The tomato-based, Carolina-style sauce is naturally sweetened with honey and molasses while being packed with flavor notes from mustard, paprika, onion, red pepper and garlic that create a sauce you really will want to suck off the bones of whatever you’re grilling.


Rudy’s BBQ Sause

Started out of a one-stop gas station, grocery store and garage in Leon Springs, Texas, that expanded into BBQ in the late ’80s, Rudy’s “Country Store and Bar-B-Q” has grown to over thirty locations across five states thanks to their renowned brisket and the famous “sause” it’s slathered in. Now you can pick up your own bottles of the slightly sweet and peppery Rudy’s Original or the even more tame “Sissy Sause” without having to leave your chair on the other side of the country.

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