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8 Better-Looking Motorcycle Helmets

8 Better-Looking Motorcycle Helmets

For as much as we love riding motorcycles, we love riding motorcycles safely even more. That means having all the right gear. Of that gear, your helmet—the main thing keeping you alive in case of an accident—is the most important. Unfortunately, finding the sweet spot between helmet form and function can be difficult. We scoured the internet far and wide to pick out some helmets we think incorporate the best of both worlds. These are the coolest motorcycle helmets keeping us alive.

Biltwell Gringo Helmet

When it comes to a classic style in a modern format, Biltwell are kings of the game. These guys have been coming out with authentic vintage motorcycle gear for years, but perhaps their most famous and loved release to date is their Gringo helmet line. Reminiscent of vintage full face helmets from the ‘70s, Biltwell’s Gringos are made using state-of-the-art injection-molded ABS and feature a polystyrene inner shell, hand-sewn removable Lycra liner, and foam padding, as well as an internal BioFoam chin pad to keep the wind out at high speeds. They’re DOT approved and include snap supports for Biltwell’s Bubble or Blast face shields. And they’re about as badass as badass gets. $190

Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

If you want something handsome and functional but a little more modern, Biltwell’s Lane Splitter might be your huckleberry. It features their telltale ABS injection molded outer shell, a shock absorbing EPS inner shell, hand-stitched interior padding, cheek pads to keep things snug, and a BioFoam chin bar to make sure wind stays out and your face stays comfortable. It also features massive vents in the chin bar to help regulate internal temperatures (and stop the visor from fogging up). It even features audio pockets in ear recesses for aftermarket communication systems. This lid is purpose built for people who get out and ride. $250

Blauer Pilot 1.1 Black

Even though open face helmets were phased out of moto racing in the ‘60s, their badass style is indisputable. These open face helmets from Blauer look like old airplane fighter pilot helmets but are engineered specifically for everyday riding. They also feature a fiberglass outer shell, a smoked anti-scratch inner sun visor, a high sweat absorption removable liner, quick release chin strap, and hardened shell paint to avoid scratches and fading. $310

Shoei RJ Platinum-R

Of course, not all cool helmets need to be based on retro design. Prime example? The RJ Platinum-R by Shoei. This totally modern open-face helmet features a beautiful, sleek design, along with two closeable upper air intakes and two closeable top exhaust outlets, a removable and adjustable interior, a removable visor to direct cooling air directly into the front intakes, and Shoei’s exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell and Dual-Layer EPS liner. Not only is this helmet great looking, it’s one of the safest lids on the market. $329

AGV X70 Pasolini Helmet

AGV, short for Amisano Gino Valenza, is an Italian motorcycle helmet manufacture that’s been in the business for over 50 years. They invented the fibre jet helmet in the ‘50s, and their X70 Pasolini helmet relives every aspect of the traditional styling that made them famous, with updated technology to keep you safe—no matter what. The name “Pasolini” comes from Renzo “Paso” Pasolini, who never stopped using AGV’s jet-style helmet, even when it was replaced by safer full-face helmets. The X70 is based on the exact model he wore. $330

Simpson M30 Bandit Helmet

Simpson makes some of the world’s best motorcycle helmets, but their M30 Bandit is nothing short of legendary. The M30 Bandit features a legendary and bold-looking design that was specifically engineered to look like a moto helmet, but offer the safety of a standard DOT approved shell. It features CoolMax lined fabric, and a Free Stop pivot system to help the wearer fix the shield to any angle. It also clocks in at under 3 lbs., which makes it one of the lightest DOT approved helmets on the market. Classic moto style in a contemporary, motorcycle-specific package—that’s what this helmet is all about. $350

AGV X3000 Helmet

AGV claims the X3000 was the first-ever full-face motorcycle helmet. We can’t confirm or deny it, but we can say that it was the helmet world-famous racer Giacomo Agostini ran, and hell, that’s good enough for us. This modern-day version includes the original design, as well as the contoured chin piece Agostini preferred that enabled him to keep his head low and against his bike’s gas tank. Personally, we consider the X3000 to be more than just a motorcycle helmet. It’s a work of art. The helmet itself is made from carbon fiber and features a dual-button visor that can be opened with one hand, as well as a no-frills leather and fabric interior that’s removable and washable. It’s a bit pricey, but you’re buying a piece of motorcycle racing history, so we think it’s worth it. $380

Bell Bullitt

If you’re in the market for a motorcycle helmet, you’ve heard of Bell. They’re an institution and have saved the lives of riders all over the world. No one ever wants to see how well their helmet performs, but we invest in quality brain buckets because they’re our only line of defense against everything else. The Bullitt is one of Bell’s most popular selling helmets because it looks badass, with its classic retro-style design, and it performs like no other. They even acknowledge it on their website as a “functional work of art.” It comes in a bunch of different designs for every type of rider, and features things like contoured cheek pads for added comfort, metal intake and exhaust vents, front chin vents, speaker pockets, genuine leather removable interior, and a low-profile composite shell, along with Bell’s famous five-year warranty. If you’re going to drop four Benjamins on a helmet, this is the one. $400

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