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The Burger Bucket List: 25 Burgers You Need To Try

The Burger Bucket List: 25 Burgers You Need To Try

A decent burger isn’t hard to find. Stumble into any restaurant that serves typical American food, and it would be bizarre not to see a handful of burger options. Finding an amazing burger, however, isn’t that simple. Here are 25 worth sinking your teeth into at least once in your life. Consider this your Burger Bucketlist.

1. Luger Burger

Peter Luger Steakhouse – Brooklyn, NY

It takes a mighty burger for us not to order a steak at Peter Luger Steakhouse, and this is that burger. Served until 3:45pm daily, the Luger Burger features extra thick bacon (not an understatement) and more than a half pound of beef.
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2. Le Pigeon Burger

Le Pigeon – Portland, OR

The grilled Le Pigeon Burger has a nice, smoky flavor that is enhanced with each topping. Gabriel Rucker layers it with Tillamook white cheddar, lettuce slaw, and pickled onions along with some ketchup, mayo, and mustard. The ciabatta bun is also tremendous.
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3. Double Animal Style

In-N-Out Burger – Multiple Locations

Order this one off the secret menu that’s not-so-secret at all. Leveling up to “Animal Style” will give you added pickles, extra spread with grilled onions, and they’ll fry some mustard onto your patties.
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4. The Original Burger

Louis’ Lunch – New Haven, CT

Forget all the insane toppings and avant-garde techniques being used elsewhere, this is the way the burger was supposed to be. The place claims to have invented and served the first hamburger sandwich in the US back in 1900, and they send them out just the same way today as they did back then.
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5. Whiskey King Burger

Village Whiskey – Philadelphia, PA

Jose Garces serves up this $26 plate of insanity over at Village Whiskey in Philly. It’s topped with maple bourbon glazed cipollini, bleu cheese, bacon, and a bit of foie gras. Sweet, fatty, and decadent.
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6. The Company Burger

The Company Burger – New Orleans, LA

With dozens of awards under its greasy belt, The Company Burger from the joint of the same name is a must eat if you’re in New Orleans. Two patties and tons of flavor.
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7. Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese

The Spotted Pig – New York, NY

The tanginess of the cheese and the absolutely perfect bun make this, not only one of the best burgers in New York, but one of the best in the whole country.
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8. Dyer’s Deep-Fried Burger

Dyer’s Burgers – Memphis, TN

Fried in the same grease since 1912 (seriously), every burger from Dyer’s is like biting into a meaty piece of history. Each fried-up burger is served with mustard, onion, and pickles, and worth any impending health problems.
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9. The Lola Burger

B Spot – Multiple locations, OH

Hovering somewhere between a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich and gourmet hamburger, Michael Symon’s creation is flat-out delicious. With a runny egg, some spicy ketchup, and a bit of bacon, it’s good anytime of day.
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10. Cheeseburger

Au Cheval – Chicago, IL

Just remember that a single is a double and a double is a triple at Chicago’s Au Cheval. Outside of that, the burger is fairly straightforward, but damn amazing. Easily one of the best in the country.
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11. Raw Steak Tartare Burger

Flip Burger – Atlanta, GA

We’d trust Richard Blais to cook us up just about anything, and among his glorious plethora of burgers at Flip Burger, is one that shines just a tad brighter than the rest. The Raw Steak Tartare is obviously a bit different from your everyday hamburger, but the fried egg and smoky mayo just make it incredible. Like a steak tartare appetizer on a bun.
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12. The Original Burger

Umami Burger – Multiple Locations

The wonderful savoriness that is “umami” is delivered perfectly in The Original Burger from Umami Burger. The chain makes its pride and joy with a parmesan crisp, roasted tomato, shiitake mushrooms, and more additions to give the burger a luxurious mouthfeel.
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13. Buckhorn Burger

Buckhorn Tavern – San Antonio, NM

It’s the green chile that makes this burger so damn tasty. It’s been featured on Food Network and numerous other places for good reason.
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14. Cheeseburger

White Manna – Hackensack, NJ

The folks at White Manna have been churning out insanely delicious burgers for the better part of a century. Each gets steamed so the cheese melts right around the patty. They’re on the smaller side, somewhere between a burger and a slider, so feel free to order yourself up a half-dozen.
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15. Double Patty Cheeseburger

Holeman & Finch – Atlanta, GA

Any place that announces “it’s burger time” is clearly a spot for a good burger. Only 24 of these mouth-watering numbers are made a night, so make sure you get there early if you want to get your greasy hands on one (you want to get your greasy hands on one).
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