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The Best Cigars to Kick off the Season

The Best Cigars to Kick off the Season

Summer is here and it is time to smoke ‘em if you got em. So go get them. We plan on spending our free time outdoors and having a fine smoke as often as we can. Here are 8 affordable and delicious sticks to smoke during your summer adventures. Enjoy early and often.

La Dueña

Cool, early summer evenings call for a fire. When we sitting around the fire we reach for a La Duena. A solid medium bodied cigar with notes of cocoa and leather with some mild spice to compliment the scents of the fire wood burning. The awesome minimalist cigar band ain’t too bad to look at either. $8

Punch Signature

Punch cigars have always been a decent standby for those times when you want something strong that won’t break the bank. That’s why we took notice when they released their first new blend in years. Punch Signature features a sweet and spicy corojo wrapper making it the perfect cigar to pair with a bourbon night cap at the end of a long day in the sun. $5

Gran Habano #1 Connecticut

Summer time means yard work time and it’s nice to break up the monotony of mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes with a tasty cigar. When you’re riding around on a John Deere, Gran Habano Connecticut is the cigar to chomp on. Super mild without becoming boring, this is the kind of cigar you can smoke on an empty stomach with no worry of nausea from the nicotine. It’s very friendly on the wallet as well. $4

Camacho Powerband

When it is time to sit on the beach and lounge we like to break out the big guns. You’re going to be sitting there all day so we recommend puffing on a Camacho Powerband in the gordo size. Expect this smoke to last at least two hours and make no mistake, this cigar is strong enough to put you on your ass if you’re not already sitting on it. It’s probably best to have a bite to eat first and maybe bring something strong to sip on. $11

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970

You just ate two burgers, a dog, and some chicken wings slathered in BBQ sauce. You’re stuffed and the sun is beginning to set. The Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 is the perfect stick to sooth that full stomach. Full bodied with notes of black pepper and leather. Paired with some scotch or a nice cup of coffee, this is an excellent post dinner smoke. $8

Liga Privada Papas Fritas

A day spent fishing might be the greatest way to unwind after a stressful week of work but let’s face it, there are trips that are basically hours of boredom that far outnumber fleeting moments of excitement. The Liga Privada Papas Fritas are a great choice for this situation. These are the best mixed filler cigars on the market. Short flavor bombs that can be smoked 15 minutes at a time. Something to do between sipping lager and waiting for the next bite on the line. $6

Man O’ War Virtue

The golf course and cigars go hand in hand. If you find yourself out on the links this summer we recommend picking up the Man O’ War: Virtue in the Churchill size. The 7.5” stick will provide you with hours of smoking time while never getting too strong to handle and the mild flavors won’t make you woozy while you attempt to hit that ball straight down the fairway. $10

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Maduro

You know that dad doesn’t want a new wallet for Father’s Day. If he wants anything at all, it’s probably just to spend some time with you. We suggest picking up a couple of La Gloria Cubana Serie R Maduro and lighting them up with the old man. These are a little bit on the strong side so make sure dad is sitting down with his favorite drink. A great conversation starter to be sure. $7