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The 12 Best Hotel Bars in America

The 12 Best Hotel Bars in America

One of the best perks of staying in a fancy hotel is having a bar on the premises. You can stroll down from your room and grab a Manhattan or sidecar. You don’t even need to leave the building to enjoy a well-made cocktail, glass of wine or local craft brew. So who’s up for a road trip to visit some of these amazing bars? These are the 12 best hotel bars in the country. Drink up; your room isn’t far away.


The Driskill Bar

The Driskill Hotel (Austin, Texas)

Austin is Texas’ capital, but it’s a little weirder than the rest of the Lone Star State. If you find yourself in the home of the University of Texas, visit this bar to sip on a cocktail in a leather chair while you stare at a stuffed long horn steer. A Batini (Austin is known for bats) or a Moscow Mule is pretty much required. Link


Noir Bar

Charles Hotel (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

With a name like “Noir Bar” you know this is a special place. Visit this Boston-area bar for fresh oysters and a local brew. Moody little alcoves offer the perfect spots to retreat with a group. Link


Redwood Room

Clift Hotel (San Francisco, California)

If you find yourself in the Bay Area, stop into Redwood Room at the Clift Hotel. The low lighting and comfortable seating is perfect for an evening sipping whiskey with friends. The etched glass bar, modern decor, and unique lounge furniture feel right at home in one of the pricest cities around. Link


Off The Record

The Hay-Adams (Washington D.C.)

Off The Record is the only place you can sip on a glass of local beer with the backdrop of pictures of famous politicians throughout history. If you want to brush elbows with those on the Hill, this is a good place to park it. Link


Carousel Bar

Hotel Monteleone (New Orleans, Louisiana)

New Orleans is home to some of the best bars in the world. If you ever wanted to drink a Sazerac while you sit at a bar made out of an old carousel, you can do it at Hotel Monteleone. Link


Rose Bar

Delano Hotel (Miami, Florida)

Visiting the Rose Bar is like taking a step back into the Miami of yesteryear—and that’s a good thing. Sit at the beautifully designed, extra-long bar and sip on a daiquiri while you people watch. Link


The Club Bar

Peninsula Hotel (Los Angeles, California)

The Club Bar is like a gentleman’s paradise. The atmosphere is as good as the cocktails. Grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a beer, cocktail or glass of wine as you’re surrounded by rich woods, heavy leather chairs, and a roaring fireplace. Link


The Living Room

W Hotel (New York, New York)

The only way this bar would resemble the living room at your house is you were Wayne Coyne. This bar has one foot in the past of Times Square and one in the future. Wild neon accents and fractal patterns dot the incredibly unique space. The drinks are great, but the ambiance is even better. Link


Clyde Common

Ace Hotel (Portland, Oregon)

Clyde Common isn’t just a bar; it’s also a very popular restaurant serving dishes like braised pork shoulder and fried banana bread. The cocktails are also worth a road trip to Oregon if you live anywhere on the west coast. A barrel-aged cocktail is a necessity, as they are kinda the house specialty. Link


Old Seelbach Bar

Seelbach Hilton (Louisville, Kentucky)

If you saw “The Great Gatsby,” you might remember a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio is standing at the top of a grand staircase. Well, that was filmed at the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville. The Old Seelbach Bar is one of the best bars in the world and a great place to enjoy a cocktail while you lounge in a high-back chair. Link


NoMad Bar

NoMad Hotel (New York, New York)

Going into the NoMad bar will make you feel cooler. The lights are low and the cocktails designed by Leo Robitschek are pretty much perfect. It’s also a great place to get some really delicious bar foods to pair with your drinks. The space pairs the old school vibe of an ancient New York haunt with incredible drinks that draw from the ame time peroid. Link


Thoroughbred Club

Charleston Place Hotel (Charleston, South Carolina)

Charleston is an elegant, classy city that is full of historical landmarks. If you find yourself in this South Carolina city, take a trip to the Thoroughbred Club to get some amazing appetizers and equally delicious cocktails in one of the classiest spaces in the city. Link