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Espresso Makers for Every Level of Coffee Fanatic

Espresso Makers for Every Level of Coffee Fanatic

Great coffee used to be exclusive to the oldest and most hip coffee shops. Their precise measurements and techniques demanded lines and served up Instagram-worthy lattes. The problem? These drinks aren’t cheap. Luckily, you can have coffee shop-level espresso in your own home. You can live out your inner barista dreams and pull your own rich, velvety espresso shots and craft the drinks you’d normally shell out five bucks for. No matter how much you’re looking to spend on a machine, there’s an option out there for you. Here are some of the best.

The Original Bialetti Moka Pot

This is the OG. The Moka Pot is a simple way to make high quality espresso. It can all be done on the stovetop—at a really great price—but you must be careful to not overfill the pot; if you do, this can all get very, very messy and quite nasty. Keep your measurements precise and this is the best gadget for your buck. $20


The Rok may not be the quickest, or the easiest, espresso maker, but it’s the most fun. The entire process is done manually, by hand, free of electricity or any other sort of power. You’re controlling every variable: the temperature of your water, how much espresso, and how long your pull. If you’re hands on, this machine is for you. $174 

Illy Y3.2

The Illy Y3.2 is a simple, Keurig-like device that requires you buy Illy brand espresso. That’s okay, though. Illy’s espresso is high quality and neatly packaged for this machine. Pop in a pod, press a button, and espresso will pour into the cup below. For the price, this machine is the budget alternative to more expensive models. $149

Wacaco Portable

If you’re on the move—or absolutely addicted to freshly pulled espresso—this is the handheld machine for you. It’s the size of a water bottle, affordable, and it takes Nespresso capsules. So, if you’re not ready to commit to the entire immobile Nespresso machine, this is an alternative that still lets you buy and use their espresso. The Wacaco is an espresso machine, a carrying case, and a mug all in one. $50

Elektra Chrome Microcasa

Ready to splurge on the ultimate espresso maker? The Elektra Microcasa—in chrome specifically—is a beauty. It’s decked out in chrome details, scientific measuring tools, and every accessory a coffee nerd could ever need. If you’re in the market for a machine that operates at the highest level, this one will not disappoint. Just think, you could wake up, every morning, to the most beautiful cup of freshly pulled espresso. Then you can drink it while marveling at the beautiful machine it came out of. $1,695

Smeg Espresso Machine

Do you have a specific aesthetic in mind for your kitchen? Is it retro-chic? Is it simply pulling together the best looking appliances and accessories? Either way, let the Smeg Espresso Machine be the statement piece in your coffee-drinking space. It’s a high-quality machine that looks damn good—for an upper-level price, but worth every penny. $450

Nespresso CitiZ

This is the ultimate middle-of-the-road machine. It makes high-quality espresso, it’s the easiest machine on the market, and the price isn’t too high. The Nespresso Citiz lets you keep track of your preferences and stock on their app, make a fresh cup in 15 seconds, and feel great about spending the money on something that works every single time, without fail. The process of ordering more Nespresso pods couldn’t be easier, either. With a few clicks the pods arrive at your door the next day. $249