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The 8 Best Eggnog Cocktails to Warm You Up This Winter

The 8 Best Eggnog Cocktails to Warm You Up This Winter

Everyone has a friend who claims they don’t like eggnog. We have a theory as to why that is. Too many people are buying cartons in the grocery store and struggling through those, thereby ruining a perfectly good holiday drink. Most of the recipes we have here have steps for a non-alcoholic base you’ll mix up yourself, which we strongly encourage you do. For those that don’t, give the store bought stuff a pass and make your own (perhaps with this recipe). Hopefully, you’ll find you’re much better at eggnog that most other places. Here are the best eggnog cocktails to mix up this winter.

The Eggnog Cocktail

Eggnog cocktails have endured for a reason. To understand that reason, work your way through this recipe. It’s a more traditional recipe to help show you why some people consider eggnog an indispensable part of the winter holidays (along with their wassail). You won’t be working exceptionally hard here and you may end up finding yourself a new tradition. We won’t even blame you if you mix this up and keep it all to yourself, just to better understand the inner workings of Christmas. Recipe

Martha’s Classic Eggnog

Then, as the previous recipe builds your confidence, let Martha Stewart solidify your love for eggnog. Martha, the party animal she is, incorporates three different liquors into her eggnog—bourbon, cognac, and dark rum. As you’d expect, there’s some technique involved in this recipe. She’ll be having you prepare different parts of the eggnog separately then folding them together, which can sound intimidating. But don’t worry. Where Snoop Dogg has succeeded, so will you. Recipe

Texas Farm Nog

From what we can tell, life is slower down on the farm in the Lone Star State, which is probably where they get the patience to wait for two days before drinking their delicious holiday cocktails. If you feel like your life’s pace doesn’t lend itself well to preparing things two days in advance, that’s fine, you can drink this as soon as it’s made. But consider planning ahead and letting these flavors mix together. A lot of the ingredients are things that lend themselves to these sorts of time frames, like how mulled ciders and wines are best if you’ve let the spices float around for awhile. Recipe


Puerto Rico isn’t generally a place we’d associate with winter traditions. But just like everywhere else, when the weather starts to change, Puerto Rican tastes will too. Hence the Coquito. It’s a lighter drink that doesn’t involve nearly as much dairy or as many eggs as the other entries on this list, though it’s as festive as the rest of them. You may even be able to sneak this one past any of your guests who claim they don’t like eggnog. Recipe

Bourbon Eggnog

There’s a lot to be said in favor of keeping the holidays simple. In that spirit, go with this recipe. It’s easy enough to whip up and packs in a hefty helping of bourbon, two things that should mean good things for your gathering. You could also keep this recipe for later in the night. Put your main effort into one of the more complicated recipes on this list while also stocking up on ingredients. That way, when the first one runs dry, you’ll have a delicious backup eggnog you can put together in minutes. Recipe

Healthier Spiked Holiday Eggnog

Eggnog is a notoriously dense holiday drink, with most of the notoriety centered around the ridiculous number of calories packed into it. Obviously we’re not going to stop drinking it, but having a healthier recipe on hand should help cut down on some of the unhealthiness. This recipe opts for lactose-free eggnog, which will be noticeably lighter both as you sip it and as it sits in your stomach. The alcohols involved here, amaretto and white rum, both go a long way in helping this healthier option show it’s really an option. Recipe

Kahlua and Jameson Eggnog

Maybe we’re being close-minded, but we never really thought to mix Kahlua and Jameson. But the two make a fairly natural pairing in an eggnog. Kahlua supplies its unique dessert flavor while Jameson adds a good kick without being harsh. It’s pleasant in a way we did not expect. Recipe

Eggnog Mudslides

Eggnog Mudslides, despite the alcohol, offer childlike fun. Drop some crushed Oreos in, eat it alongside chocolate pudding, or get some gummy worms in on the action. Adult holiday parties don’t have to be a bunch of stuffed shirts standing around using their holidays to network. They can also be about reconnecting with what made this your favorite time of year in the first place. Recipe

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