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The History of the Teku Glass: The Best Glass For Your Beer

The History of the Teku Glass: The Best Glass For Your Beer

While we’re very much of the opinion that you should drink your beer–much like your whiskey–however the hell you damn well please, there are certain instances that call for an upgrade. We enjoy a Miller High Life or Old Style while we’re manning the grill, but serious tastings require serious glassware. That’s where the Teku Glass comes in.

When it comes right down to it, you can forgo all the bespoke glassware options. The pint (American and Imperial), pilsner, tulip, thistle, goblet, stout, weizen, and IPA glasses are great. But they don’t compare to the sensory experience you’ll get with the Teku Glass.

Why is the Teku the best beer glass?

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Much like the supercars that also come from the Teku’s home country of Italy, it’s all about design, precision and construction. Italian craft beer experts Teo Musso and Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove designed the stemmed glass to be wider at the base and transition to a smaller opening at the top. This upside-down pint style design allows the glass to accentuate and concentrate the aromas of the beer so you can enjoy all those funky, fruity, and hoppy notes instead of them evaporating instantly. The 14.2oz size of the glass also allows it to perfectly accommodate a 12oz beer with just enough room to nose and sip without getting foam on your face.

When it comes to actually, well, drinking your beer, the top of the glass curves slightly outward as it comes out of the rounded base. Paired with a slim lip and perfectly sized opening, this glass has the ability to make drinking any beer more enjoyable.

Then there’s the stem. Yes, that gorgeous curvaceous bowl sitting atop the perfectly formed stem makes your beers look significantly cooler when you’re entertaining–even if it’s only for Instagram. But it serves a real purpose. It prevents your hands from ruining your perfectly chilled saison, tripel, or sour for a more enjoyable drinking experience. This is especially crucial when you’re drinking heavyweights in the ABV department and you want to pace yourself.

The Teku Glass itself is manufactured by renowned German glassware outfit Rastal. That’s right, Italian design paired with precision German engineering make the Teku the European supercar of beer glasses–without the obscene price tag (more on that later).


What should I drink out of a Teku glass?

The short answer is it works well with just about any beer. That’s why it’s the glass of choice at craft beer bars the world over and independent breweries have personalized and branded versions for sale. While the design is certainly eye-catching, it’s just as functional and versatile. Pour in your bright, neon-colored slushie beers. Hoppy DIPAs. Bourbon barrel aged stouts. The latest juicy IPA. Unlike the bespoke, single-style glassware we mentioned earlier, the Teku isn’t concerned with the region, type, or form factor of your beer. The Teku makes any beer you pour taste better.

Where do I buy a Teku?

Now that you’re sold on the Teku, it’s time to pull the trigger on a set for yourself. Despite the fact that it’s designed and built like a European supercar, it does not carry that previously mentioned obscene price tag. The Rastal Teku 3.0 (yes, they keep iterating and improving as necessary) is available direct from the manufacturer for around $16 a glass. Much like everything else when it comes to online shopping, Amazon can save you a few bucks per glass if you want to buy a set. A six pack of the same glasses is available with free Prime shipping for just $60, so you’re only paying $10 a glass when you buy them from Amazon.

You’ll also find plenty of custom designed Tekus from your favorite breweries like Other Half, Monkish, and Trillium. There’s a whole secondary market for rare beer glassware that we won’t get into. But, scroll through eBay and you’ll find a treasure trove of limited edition Tekus. Part of why the Teku glass is so great is that the wide base offers spacious printing area for creative artists to add a splash of color to these beautiful glasses. Some of our favorites are here and here.

What do I do with the rest of my glassware?

Use it! In our opinion, the Teku is the ultimate craft beer glass regardless of what you’re drinking. But that doesn’t mean you have to Marie Kondo the rest of your glassware and replace them with Teku glasses (feel free to do that if you want). Pint glasses aren’t great, but they’re tough and durable which makes them great for a refreshing drink in the yard during the summer with friends. A snifter can double as a great whiskey and imperial stout glass. And who would want to get rid of those charming novelty glasses you picked up at the thrift store? While we highly snagging a few Tekus, you don’t need to fill your pantry with them. Sometimes you just want to drink a beer without going through the whole tasting panel, and that’s ok, too.

Photography by John A. Paradiso

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