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11 Concept Bikes We Wish Would Get Made

11 Concept Bikes We Wish Would Get Made

Sure you could get an interesting frame or some crazy tires, but there’s really only so much you can change up to make your bike truly unique. While these bicycles aren’t on the streets, they do push the design conversation forward.

Air-Purifier Bike

You’re already helping the environment by choosing a bicycle over a car for your commute, but with the Air-Purifier Bike from Lightfog Creative & Design, you can take your love for Mother Nature one step further. The concept is designed to pull air into the filter at the front of the bike so as you peddle you’re spitting out nice clean air. Link

The Growler City Bike

We’ve seen leather pouches that attach to your fixie to carry a growler of beer, but we’ve never seen the idea incorporated right into the bike itself. If you often ride to a local brewery for a fill, The Growler City Bike will make sure your precious suds get home safely. Link


Oneybike is some sort of odd hybrid of a penny-farthing and an adult tricycle. Peter Varga’s ride can even be folded up for easy transport when you’re going to Brooklyn. Link


Easily the most WTF bike we’ve ever seen. And we use “bike” loosely. The ride gets its name from the German word for speeding, and FLIZ is designed as a speed-walking apparatus that is somewhat based on the very first bicycle. The carrier strap replaces the saddle and delivers a whole new traveling experience to the rider that will most likely be accompanied by confused snickering. Link

FUBi Foldable Bike

Storage and portability aren’t an issue with FUBi. The Finnish bike is crafted from carbon and steel and folds up into a ridiculously small package. Link


The brainchild of Horse Cycles and Pensa, Merge is inspired by the streets of New York City. The design is compact for the busy one-ways, but features built-in utilitarian pieces. A rear rack can pop out of the back when needed, and there’s even a USB charging port. Everything is crafted to be nimble but functional when you need it. Link

Moulton Lava V1

This concept features a luminous frame that begins to glow as the sun goes down or the lights go out. It’s constructed out of a polymer called Trivex and is coated with a photo-luminescent powder to give it its special powers. Clearly advantageous to those who ride late at night and are fearful of their lights getting jacked. Link

Kit Bike

We posted about this one not too long ago, but it deserves another mention. Don’t feel like tossing your two-wheeler on your shoulder to carry it around? Kit Bike comes apart and fits into a nifty little carrying case. Link


This electric bike concept uses its unique frame to hide a battery, a small storage compartment for a laptop or iPad, and a bit more. It also features an integrated locking system so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your bike lock at home, and it can even be folded for easy storage when you live in a NYC apartment about the size of a closet. Link


Designed by architect Michael Strain, this bike boasts a generator and a battery so you can collect power from peddling. Use that energy to charge your gadgets via the USB port on the handlebars or send it to your home. It also acts as a mobile hot-spot so you can hop online after your phone is charged. Link

T-Bike: Tripod Bike

Filming while biking sounds like a ticket-able offense. The T-Bike comes with a camera mount between the handlebars which can be adjusted thanks to the three sliding mechanisms. Cool? Yes. Safe? Probably not. Link


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