For all the things we love about Netflix, one thing we hate is navigating the wasteland of crap that’s pushed out every month. For every Django Unchained, there are a dozen Spice Worlds. So, when you’re trying to find a gem you haven’t already seen, it can be tough. That’s why we did the legwork for you. Each of these movies scored highly on Rotten Tomatoes (most over 90%), and all of them get our stamp of approval. It’s time to drop some in your queue.


In the Loop

If you love good satire and haven’t seen In the Loop, clear an hour and forty two minutes out of your day, pronto. Led by the hilarious performance of Tom Hollander, In the Loop tackles the lead-up to war in the Middle East. If you appreciate British humor and witty, foul-mouthed quips, you’re in the right place.


Wild Bill

Not the 1995 Jeff Bridges flick, we’re talking about the terribly overlooked film from Dexter Fletcher that came out in 2011. Loaded with no-name actors, the film navigates a normally yawn-able storyline with infusions of excitement and emotion. Part action flick and part caring drama, Wild Bill is refreshing in a genre that’s often stale.


The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Before slashing faces with a razor blade-encrusted cap in Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy took the lead in a fantastic film about an Irish guerrilla army in 1919. The Wind that Shakes the Barley is about loyalty and brotherhood. Pour some Jameson and put it on.


The Station Agent

As any Game of Thrones fan knows, you can’t get enough Peter Dinklage. If you only know him as Tyrion Lannister, wine connoisseur, consider a Dinklage change of pace with The Station Agent. He plays the lonely Fin McBride, a man who decides to live as a hermit after his friend passes away. Dinklage is joined by Bobby Cannavale and Patricia Clarkson, both of whom help carry the character-driven film.



Set inside a Brooklyn cigar shop, Smoke tells the story of the store owner and some of the people who happen to stop by for a few puffs. The quirky film is carried by storytelling punctuated by drawn-out speeches and clever dialogue. Light one up and put it on.


The Selfish Giant

While it isn’t an easy watch, The Selfish Giant is a tremendous one. The raw and brutal story, which is amplified by Clio Barnard’s stylish directing, centers around a pair of friends seemingly lost in the world. Based on the Oscar Wilde short story of the same name, the film features outstanding performances by a pair of young actors. You won’t be able to shake it after the credits roll.



Following is not Christopher Nolan’s finest film, but anything by Nolan is going to be better than 99% of the junk currently available on Netflix. Nolan’s first movie is a quick watch that’s clever, thrilling and downright creepy. The artsy piece introduces you to the style of the man who would go on to craft Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception, and more. Not as good as those, but still damn impressive.


Mean Creek

What appears as a teenage drama is anything but. The low-budget flick is hauntingly dark and morally rich. There’s little polish, but, somehow, that feels right for the disturbing and raw film from a decade ago.



A thriller with a card table backdrop, Croupier is carried by a dark and stylish performance by Clive Owen. As a struggling writer who takes on work handling the tables, Owen delivers the kind of performance that hints at his success to come. The realistic depiction of late night casino life adds a seedy feel to the stylish film.


A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan feels like a movie you’ve seen a million times—a heist goes awry and things must get sorted out. But, thanks to a stellar cast and a few clever wrinkles, the film unfurls in a fresh manner.

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