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Hands-On: The Praetorian Hoodie – The Hoodie Inspired By the Roman Empire

Hands-On: The Praetorian Hoodie – The Hoodie Inspired By the Roman Empire

During the height of the Roman Empire, emperors had a select group of body guards known as the Praetorian Guard. These were warriors selected for skill and courage, and they required durable gear that was also easy to move in. That’s the inspiration behind the Praetorian Hoodie from Triple Aught Design. A heavy-duty hoodie that doesn’t feel like one. We wore one around for a few days to see how it felt and whether or not we’d be ready to protect Caesar.


What is it?

A hoodie made from 100% New Zealand Merino wool. The fabric is designed to move with your body and feel lightweight while still keeping you warm. Merino also wicks away moisture so you can stay comfortable whether it’s hot or cold out.


Who is it made for?

Anyone looking for a hoodie that isn’t too bulky and can be used for layering. It’s also an investment piece to the tune of $175, which is a slightly weird thing for a hoodie. If you’re looking for an affordable hooded sweatshirt like the ones Gap made back in the day, this isn’t it. If you want something exceedingly functional and smart that fits well, however, it’s ideal.


How does it feel?

Stretchy but strong. This is our favorite aspect of Merino wool. It keeps you warm but doesn’t constrict your movement.


What we liked:

The hood is straight out of Assassin’s Creed, which, besides looking good, will keep your head warm. Also, the zipper runs up higher than many others to protect your neck from the elements. Basically, every detail is well thought out.


What we didn’t like:

The price. Investment hoodies are rare, so for many people, the price might induce a bit of sticker shock. While the quality and design are top-notch, the Praetorian Hoodie is not cheap.


Coolest feature:

Thumb holes! We don’t know why these still aren’t standard on tops made for comfort in the elements. Even if you’re not doing any extreme outdoor activities in the cold, just holding an icy beer at a tailgate in December will be a bit more bearable. Nice little touch by TAD.


Would we buy it?

On pay day? For sure.