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Indestructible Pens to Keep You Writing Forever

Indestructible Pens to Keep You Writing Forever

Investing money in a solid, sturdy writing utensil may seem a little unnecessary, not because it is unnecessary, but because most people view pens as disposable.  To be used until the ink runs out or, let’s be honest, you forget where you put them. What many don’t realize is that a proper writing utensil should be viewed in the same light as a wristwatch. You could keep buying cheap stuff from Target or wherever. Or you could spend a little money and invest in something that’ll be with you forever.

Karas Kustoms Retrakt Pen

The Retrakt Pen by the folks at Karas Kustoms is as high quality as it gets. Made in America and featuring solid machined 6061-T aluminum, C360 Brass, or Tellurium Copper, the Retrakt is an absolutely brilliant piece of machinery that’s built to last a lifetime. The “click” mechanism is also all-metal and is produced by the Germany-based Schmidt company. From front to back and top to bottom, the Retrakt Pen is built to withstand the test of time. Oh, and it comes in, like, a million different colors, too (naturally, our preference is Tumbled Raw Aluminum). $60

Kickstarter Pens SENS

The SENS Pen from Verge is the most minimalistic pen out there, and if that’s your goal, we definitely think this is a solid pick. CNC-machined from beautiful aircraft grade aluminum and available in black, brass, and raw, the SENS is a gorgeous writing tool that provides a solid, thick grip at the tip, and a solid gnarled top that requires only a soft twist to extend the pen’s tip. Because there are literally only two pieces to this entire pen, it makes it extremely functional, durable, and not prone to the same kind of normal wear and tear issues other machined pens face. You’re not just getting something that’s beautiful, you’re getting something specifically engineered to last forever. $55

Tactile Turn Glider Pen

Nothing gets our attention more than clean design, and it really doesn’t get much cleaner than this Tactile Turn Glider Pen. Machined from pure 304 stainless, this heirloom-quality Glider Pen is incredibly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, which means it’ll keep its beautiful finish for years and years to come. The C-shaped bolt-action release mechanism makes extending and retracting the point super easy and smooth. It comes with a .38 Pilot G2 and will accommodate other Parker-style refills as well. $60

Gerber Impromptu Pen

No, you’re not reading that wrong. Gerber, the same folks you trust to provide some of the best and highest quality precision knives in the U.S.A., released their tough-looking Impromptu Tactical Pen, and it’s a doozy. It won’t cut through a piece of cardboard in one swift motion, but it is machined from solid steel, and features a “Rite in the Rain” ink cartridge that’s engineered to work in all conditions—inside and outdoors, rain, sleet, snow, etc. And the tip, when not being used to write on things, doubles as a glass-breaker designed to get you out of sticky situations. This made-in-the-U.S.A. pen will save your ass and be around for life. $41

Machine Era Pen

If you’re looking for a long-term writing utensil that won’t feel like a car payment, the Original Machine Era Pen comes in at under 40 bucks and is made from heavy-duty solid brass that feels heavy in the hand, but is exceptionally balanced and satisfying to hold. It is machined in-house at Machine Era and includes a threaded cap to keep ink right where it’s supposed to be, without the possibility of ruining your clothing. It includes a Pilot G2 cartridge, but will also accommodate any standard size Uni-ball cartridge system. The best part is that there are no flimsy moving parts or rubberized O-rings, which means there’s nothing on the pen that’ll wear out over time—except maybe that beautiful patina’d brass finish, but even then you’re looking at years down the road. $38

The Original Fisher Space Pen

We’ve written before about our love for the original Fisher Space Pens, so it should be no surprise that this legendary writing utensil managed to find its way onto this list. The original AG7 (short for Anti-Gravity #7) space pens are made from solid brass, and coated with an extremely tough chrome plating. Not only can they take all the abuse you can dish out and stay looking good, they also use a patented ink cartridge that’ll write in all conditions—under water, upside down, in all temperatures, etc. A lot of pens are tough, but the hands-down, over-all toughest is this bad boy right here. $58

Machined Bolt Action Pen

This Machined Bolt Action Pen is the definition of indestructible. Manufactured right here in the U.S.A. from either solid copper, brass, or aluminum (your choice), this pen uses a bolt-action style release mechanism to push out or retract the tip. Aside from being super cool and addictive to cycle, the bolt-action mechanism ensures no flimsy, faulty, or unnecessary parts, which means the pen is drastically less likely to fail even after years of use. It takes any Parker ballpoint pen replacement, so it’ll never become obsolete. If you want a tool you’ll carry forever, this is it. $120

Boker USA Tactical Pen

Tactical equipment is made to be able to stand up to the roughest environments out there. Whether they be knives, flashlights, or pens like this Boker USA Tactical Pen, their sole purpose is to get the job done no matter what. Made of lightweight black anodized aluminum, the exterior features a checkered grip that ensures zero slippage, and its rounded stainless steel inset on the end of the pen make it perfect for use as a self-defense kubotan—all in a package that won’t appear bulky in your pocket and won’t put a hole in your wallet. $34