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Buck Mason Vintage Collection 2

Buck Mason Vintage Collection 2

Buck Mason has become one of our favorite menswear brands thanks to their timeless style and comfortable construction. While we admire their original products, we’re just as impressed by their ability to curate exceptional gear. Today, Buck Mason is presenting the second drop of their handpicked vintage collection, a selection of clothing, accessories and home goods that were handpicked by the company’s founders. According to Buck Mason, this second collection “pays homage to the visionary sculptor Isamu Noguchi and the relaxed California coastal lifestyle.” The highlighted pieces combine midcentury architectural design with a breezy California vibe. Some of our favorites from this batch include the vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT as well as the well-worn US Navy chambray shirt and the nautical Saint James striped shirt. The vintage collection is available to shop starting at 1 PM EST on July 18th and is sure to sell out quickly.

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