Decked Out: Bruce Wayne

The reviews are in and, spoiler alert, most people (94-96% actually, including critics) think The Dark Knight is awesome. Christian Bale’s gravelly voice might fit perfectly when paired with a nipple-less suit of armor, but Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne is also an important character in the grand scheme of things. And so, with the final Nolan/Bale Batman on the horizon, it’s time to suit up… Bruce Wayne style. Lots of cool toys and a budget that won’t prevent you from renovating the wine cellar, or your apartment.

1.Blank Label Shirt - $80+
2. Exuvius Collar Stays - $31
3. Steve Madden Persey Wingtips - $100
4. Indochino Superhero Gray Twill Suit - $429
5. Michael Kors Tie - $50
6. Lighter Cufflinks - $90
7. TakTik iPhone Case - $75+
8. Hard Water Pomade – $18
9. Slim Wallet - $50
10. Skagen Steel Black Sub - $110
11. Aspid GT-21 Invictus - $TBD

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