18 Movie Posters Better Than The Originals

Just so you know, we judge every book by its cover. Actually this doesn’t just go for books, it applies to albums, magazines and movies as well. It’s not such a bad way to live. You get a quick shot to impress us with your product and we’re either hooked immediately or we wait to see if there’s any buzz. We do run into problems occasionally since some movie posters could be designed far better. In fact here are some we’ve found that we think are better than the originals.

Drive by Rizon Parein
The Karate Kid by Matt Owen
2001: A Space Odyssey by Laz Marquez
Dumb and Dumber by Moxy Creative House
Memento by Dan Sherratt
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by MonsterGallery
The Terminator by J PH
Psycho by Laz Marquez
Star Wars by Brandon Schaefer
Night of the Living Dead by 845studio
The Big Lebowski by Ibraheem Youssef
The Lives of Others by Jacob Wise
White Men Can’t Jump by Michael Weinstein
Jackass by Arden Avett
Borat by Olaf Cuadras Ferre
Edward Scissorhands by Vasilis Magoulas
A Bronze Tale by Rocco Malatesta
American Psycho by Matt Needle


  • Pete

    Hey Mike –

    Ibraheem Youseff has an amazing collection of movie tribute posters you should check out:


  • Joe Bentley

    The whole “Minimalism” thing for movie posters and product packaging is starting wear itself out.

    Yeah sure a bit of text and a few basic symbols looks neater from a design standpoint, but things like movie posters also have to convey information. Most of the redesigned movie posters are so obtuse as to tell you nothing about the movie.

    Stuff like this only works in hindsight, looking back at works we all ready know that have been reduced to a single thematic image. This would never work for movies we haven’t yet seen.

  • DrewDubya

    Really nice ideas — and far too conceptual for the average movie-going dolt.

  • James

    originals for star wars, jackass (icon loses the fun) and borat (cartoon loses the humor) are all better.

  • James

    (otherwise, in total agreement.)

  • Marc

    The original Night of the living dead, Star wars, and The Terminator were all better posters than these minimalist ones here. They’re good, just not better.

  • Chris

    I don’t see how anyone could consider the new version of the
    Star Wars poster superior to the old one. C’mon.

  • danileras

    Thumbs-up to you, Joe Bentley.

  • Justin

    The whole purpose of a movie poster is to attract you to the movie, not to look good. Sure these posters look good after the fact but none of them would attract me to that movie had I not already seen it.

  • Nick

    Yeah, I like these posters, but they are really inside jokes. One needs to have watched the movie to get the references to most of these.

  • Jeff

    People. You have to remember that these aren’t being made as promo material. They are works of art. Creating these in hindsight isn’t a bad thing. They simplify central themes of the films and recreate the posters as a work of art. I don’t think the point is to try and create a better promo piece, but rather a better poster, and yes…in hindsight.

  • Core

    Great posters and ideas!!! Edward Scissorhands by Vasilis Magoulas its really awesome.

  • Fresh

    Chill out guys… There are minimalist posters. And yes i think that they are better than the originals. It’s difficult to design a minimal poster.

  • Pat

    Great poster collection! I love them all!!! The “The Life Aquatic” and the “Edward Scissorhands” are my faves 😉

  • Max

    In all cases, the original posters are better.

  • Chris

    Hahaha!!! Dumb and Dumber is so funny! Lovely posters and really nice ideas.