Megatron Tank

If you thought the scariest thing you could see on the road was some guy in a Hummer talking on his cell while sipping a chai latte, think again.  Some dude in China who goes by the name Steel Legend has built himself an 11,000lbs Megatron Tank.  Our DIY projects while cool to us – beer bottle chandeliers, man caves and various products we can try and activate with The Clapper – are laughable compared to this scrap metal Decepticon that Steel Legend constructed without any real blueprint in-hand just some images from Transformers 2 and the DVD extras.  We don’t know how long it took him to make it but it was worth every second.  Outside of Megan Fox, it might be the most drool-worthy thing to come out of Transformers.

Via Nerd Approved


  • Scott P

    So does it drive and shoot?

  • Tyler Beck

    Inside of Megan Fox, it might be the most gruesome thing someone could see.

  • mac

    it does not drive and shoot
    put it this way
    at Stalingrad
    it would have been about as useful as a pile of dirt

  • MikeK

    When Megatron was an artillery piece he was called Galvatron

  • Horeca Jobs

    That’s PET man’s Ride for Saturdays

  • Tom

    Will it blend?

  • justin

    @tyler beck : inside of Megan Fox, it’s too dark to see.