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The Stories Behind Car Logos

Did you ever wonder what those curious pieces of metal adorned to the front your favorite cars mean? We are talking about the logos, the all-encompassing symbols of the brand. Sure some are easier than others to figure out. For example, if the Ford logo leaves you scratching your head then you probably have no business behind the wheel of a car anyway. Here is a bit of the history and evolution of some of the more interesting car logos.


  • AndrewLongman

    “Almost a 100 years later”

  • Franky Grimme

    what are you implying?

  • Sam

    “Almost 100 years later” is correct. Either “A Hundred” or “One Hundred”, but not “A one hundred”.

  • Gogoinflight

    BMW incorporates engineering symbol of a center mark. Precision.

  • fred