The Best Movies From A-Z


To say this list was difficult to compile would be a vast understatement. We set out to decide the best movie for each letter of the alphabet, and to do that, we had to make some  very tough decisions. Star Wars didn’t make the cut. Fight Club didn’t make the cut. The Adventures of Pluto Nash didn’t make the cut. Some great flicks had to be left out, but we’re happy with it. Here are The Best Movies From A-Z:


A: Apocalypse Now

An insanely talented cast and one of the greatest war movies ever. Amazon Instant iTunes


B: Back to the Future

A time-travelling DeLorean? Sold. Amazon Instant iTunes


C: City of God

The fact that City of God is based on a true story, makes this film of gang warfare in Rio de Janeiro even more insane. Amazon Instant iTunes


D: The Dark Knight

The best superhero movie ever made. Amazon Instant iTunes


E: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Yeah it’s a love story, but it’s one of the most original and smartest love stories ever concocted. Amazon Instant Netflix Instant iTunes


F: Forrest Gump

Only an epic movie like Forrest Gump could knock off the likes of Fight Club and Fargo. Amazon Instant iTunes


G: The Godfather: Part II

The Corleone story somehow got even better in the second Godfather film. Amazon Instant iTunes


H: The Hangover

Exactly why we both love and hate Las Vegas. Amazon Instant iTunes

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  • Svenn

    This list fails. Two Towers was the worst of the LotR movies by far. There is no Monty Python on the list. Donnie Darko is far better than Dark Knight. Hangover wasn’t even that great.

  • ChiefRoberts

    Forrest Gump. Good movie; pales in comparison to Fight Club or Fargo. And Into the Wild? Good movie. Stronger than Inception? Nope

  • Ron

    Toy Story over Top Gun are you kidding me!!!! Pull your head out of your A#@ Cool Material.

  • Riley

    omfg… everybody bitching and whining, shut the hell up and go make your own damn list.

  • Matt

    City of God over Citizen Kane?

  • Goose

    You honestly could not be more wrong. Forrest Gump is probably the greatest movie ever created. And Into the Wild changes the live of many people when they see it for the first time. The only legitimate argument meant against this list is S = Saving Private Ryan, but I’m ok with Shawshank.

  • Mike

    Zero Dark Thirty – “Oh, and the violent torture” – Really?!!?! There is a reason you are writing a list about movies, and not serving our country. So tired of pansy-ass men/women/American culture, and their “Hating on America is cool” attitude. Grow a pair, and realize things aren’t so black and white in this type of world though they may appear that way from your cubicle behind your Mac screen. Go backpacking over there and see how welcoming they are. I am sure they will give you a hug, and make you lunch douche bag. Cultures are different, and they are a radicalized, tribal region where their religious leaders teach them we are Zionist devils who need to be killed. They respect strength, not naps and hugs (look at Saddam Iraq, Gaddafi Libya, Mubarak Egypt… Notice a pattern? Strong leaders, albeit bad people in our eyes. Take a look at those places today after their Arab Spring (I am sure you were happy about like the others in America riding unicorns). Since enhanced interrogations have stopped, the intelligence has moved to a snails pace with interrogation of captured fighters/terrorists. They know nothing is going to happen, and they actually mock U.S. interrogators now. So when the next attack happens, and you pull out your dusty American flag, and car magnet from your desk draw to jump on the “I am a patriot” bandwagon take solace in knowing the kid gloves you cheered being placed on your evil military served a very pointed role in missed information and that attack. Now pop your pink polo collar and write another article ass…

  • Eli Anthony

    You guys lost me at calling the utter crap that is 2001: A Space Odyssey, “The definition of epic.” Get a clue.

  • Eli Anthony

    So you enjoy the idea of torturing other human beings? People like you, and by the way, you’re just like so many of “them” over there, are the problem. Put down your Natural Ice, put a shirt on over your wife beater and realize that not loving “violent torture” is a good thing.

  • Dakota

    Where is Star Wars? That’s all i need to know.

  • Mike

    Ahh, so you cannot counter any points I made, and thus delve into Natty Light, wife beater comments… And my comment isn’t the intelligent one…. Violent torture is a bad thing, but water-boarding, forcing someone into controlled sleep deprivation, or loud obnoxious music is not violent torture. Look up what the Japanese did to Americans, the Vietnamese did to Americans; that is torture – But again, the “love to hate America” crowd ignores such facts.. enhanced interrogations led to defined measurable success in stopping terrorist attacks, and gaining intelligence towards the capture of high-valued terrorist threats (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Faraj al-Libbi). Simple mind Anthony. Use a few brain cells and post an intelligent counter point other then “them” as your grand point in noting I am horrible redneck for liking our American forces, the dangers they encounter, and not pinning the torture card on our brave men and women for doing a tough task of interrogating a person with enhanced techniques in the name of saving your ass, and many other innocent people in our country and beyond. Ironic, I am the bad guy in your eyes for my stance that our people our good and Mike Newman wrongly (I hope) threw the evil American torture card, while you feel our people are bad to “them” people who were involved or affiliated with the killing 2,700+ Americans on September 11th, 2001 and need to defend them.. Interesting. You must of forgotten where your mini-American flag, and yellow ribbon car magnet are as well..

  • jacobcrim

    Top Gun…….. are you kidding me?

  • Ben Johnson

    Actually, True Romance is the best “T” movie ever–the lack of shirtless, jean shorts volleyball notwithstanding.

  • Joel

    Not sure if you saw the movie…but um…most of the violent torture was done by Americans in the movie. Nice rant and all, even though it seems as if you were scouring the internet for an opportunity to share your monologue. Just wondering…did you like the movie or no?

  • chewbaca

    Empire strikes back.

  • onthefly8

    This list was great until I got all the way to “B”. Back to the Future over Bull Durham??

  • mark

    He CLEARLY screwed the pooch in his third entry. City of God was amazing…but it ain’t Casablanca.

  • Ron

    What you got then?

  • Ron

    This guy!!!!

  • Ron

    I think we can all agree Toy Story is not the best T movie. Terminator, Taxi Driver, Texas Chainsaw, There Will Be Blood, Tombstone, Thin Red Line, Thomas Crown Affair, Transporter anything over Toy Story.

  • Zak Verb

    nailed it!

  • A. Theist

    Forrest Gump, while good, is a bubble gum movie. Fight Club and Fargo are much more engaging and profound movies. Not a huge Spielberg fan, but not including Shindler’s List is unfortunate. Great call on Killing Fields.

  • A. Theist

    Hippies smell.

  • poo

    the departed….. :(