Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, let us be your guide. This is a collection of the best new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.


When boiled down to absolute basic functionality, Pigeon is Waze for the NYC subway system. If you’ve never spent any time waiting for the 2, 4, or 5, we’ll understand if you don’t get excited about this, but for the rest of us that rely on the MTA, Pigeon is a godsend. Built by Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, this app gives you all the information you’ll need to choose the best route, report delays, crowds or incidents,  and see trains move in real time. It’s still invite-only at this time, but we’re excited to get this tech in NYC and other cities. iOS

Camera+ 2

To this day, Camera+ remains one of our favorite apps for post-processing photos on our phone because, in our opinion, it’s the closest experience you can get to shooting with one of the best film cameras out there. That entire adventure just got a whole lot better with the latest edition of the app, Camera+ 2. Billed as “the best and most powerful camera app available,” Camera+ 2 is a complete rewrite with almost a decade of work under the hood that gives you access to manual controls, RAW capture and editing, new shooting modes and photo library integration that is is faster and more efficient than the previous app you knew and loved. iOS


Yes, this is a crowd-funded project that isn’t available for download on your Android or iOS device at the time of this writing. Yes, this is an incredibly ridiculous piece of 90’s nostalgia. And yet, it absolutely belongs on this list because POGs were an absurdly important part of our formative years. With Slammers, power upgrades, officially licensed POGs from the 1990’s, an AR bent, and the ability to compete with players across the globe, this could be the nostalgia-fueled app that makes you completely forget about catching ’em all. iOS & Android


Pear—a new community “for parents, by parents”—is one of the great apps to showcase after we wind down from Father’s Day because it asks questions (and answers them!) real parents have about raising a kid in an easy-to-use, interactive app. Discover exclusive content from a team of experts. Receive exclusive access to special guest experts and celebrity parents. Get involved in the Pear community. Even if you’re an aunt or uncle, Pear will help you raise those tiny versions of yourself in the best way possible. iOS | Android


You’ve upgraded your diet with a new collection of cookware, healthier options and some of the best quick and easy meals. What else can you do to make your GP happy? Learn everything you’re putting into your body with Kindly, the ingredient database and label scanner app that will keep you informed about everything going on with a simple click of the picture button on your phone. With Kindly you can easily scan, read and search a database of more than 2000 ingredients to learn origins, manufacturers, and the composition of the products you’re using on a regular basis. iOS | Android

Google Lens

Google Lens was already available in some capacity on most Android phones, but the newly released standalone app puts all the functionality of Alphabet front and center on your phone. Look up a dish right from the menu. Add events to your calendar. Get directions. Call a contact. Explore landmarks. Identify plants and animals. Find clothes, furniture and home decor similar to something you see in the real world. Google Lens might not be perfect (yet!), but it’s one of the best ways to merge your digital world with real life experiences. Android

Kevin Toms World Football Cup

Costa Rice vs. Serbia. Germany vs. Mexico. Belgium vs. Panama. Sweden vs. South Korea. Whatever country/team you’re rooting for, the World Cup is in full swing. With that said, there’s almost no better way to experience the action than what you’ll get with Kevin Toms World Football Cup on iPhone and Android. The World Cup-themed take on Football Manager allows you to live one of the most expansive and impressive global sporting experiences from the perspective of one of the people behind the scenes as you manage, configure and take your team to the big game. iOS | Android


At its core, Pinso more than lives up to its billing of “text on photos design.” We’ve covered quite a few apps in the past that allow you to creatively and cleverly add fonts and ideas to your glorious pictures, but few compare to what’s possible with Pinso. The easy-to-use Pinso allows you to quickly and beautifully combine your existing photos with dozens of advanced fonts, backgrounds, visual effects and filters with multi-layered design to create the perfect image, wallpaper, poster, or Instagram feature for whatever it is you’re working on. iOS


Nail a better-looking bathroom without ever lifting a hammer with Parachute’s ultra soft heathered towels. Made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, they’re super fluffy without being overly dense – which means they dry fast! Give your bathroom a low-key luxury look while simultaneously stepping up your shower routine. Parachute towels: made for the modern man with taste.