Once, every few months, we’ll start deleting all those apps we rarely use. The clutter on our phones starts to seriously get to us and we need to get rid of any space-wasters. Of course, this is followed up by plenty of new apps we want to try out. It’s a vicious cycle. Of all those downloads, there are a few keepers we’ll hold on to. Here are 15 New Apps You Should Know.

1. Evernote Food

You probably already use Evernote to store all those random memos and webpages you want to remember, well with Evernote Food 2.0, you can do the same for your entire gustatory life. Now available for the iPad, the free app is ideal for finding restaurants, storing recipes, and saving shots of the things you’ve devoured. Since a good portion of our Evernote was already food-related, this one’s a no-brainer. (iOS) (Android)

2. Everest

What’s your “Everest?” Learning another language? Getting to the gym daily? Eating your weight in bacon? With this app, you can finally start working towards your life goals. Think of it as a social network for people who get things done. Share your goals, get tips on how to break each down into steps, and track your progress towards a more productive 2013. (iOS)

3. Temple Run 2

There’s always one hot mobile game. While never reaching Words With Friends or Angry Birds levels, for a period of time it was Temple Run. If you never jumped on the bandwagon, now is the time to give it a shot because Temple Run 2 is even more addicting than the original. The graphics are better, there are new environments and features, and your productivity will plummet substantially.  (iOS) (Android)

4. Rise Alarm Clock

If waking up were easy, we wouldn’t be out inventing alarm clocks that explode or sound like the end of times. The Rise Alarm Clock app is beautifully designed and makes waking up about as pleasant as possible. It’s super simple to operate – even allowing you to snooze just by shaking your phone – and the minimalist design is a nice way to ease into your first cup of coffee. (iOS)

5. Find. Eat. Drink

Yes, there are approximately a bajillion restaurant apps. We’re pretty sure even Zack Morris had one on his gigantic phone. So why should you download Find. Eat.Drink.? Well, unlike the majority of those apps, Find. Eat. Drink. is actually curated by people who know a thing or two. Instead of angry customers who didn’t get the extra bacon they asked for, Find. Eat. Drink. is run by chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers. With it, you can start finding all those spots that even those in the business love. (iOS)

6. Mixlr

If you’ve ever wanted to host a radio show or do a podcast but the entire process seemed a bit overwhelming, Mixlr is an easy introduction. The iPhone app lets you broadcast high quality audio over 3G, 4G, or WiFi. The social audio app eliminates the need  for lots of cables and hardware and just gets you going. You can even save your broadcasts after you finish or export them to Dropbox, Soundcloud, and others. (iOS)


Simply having a to-do list does not guarantee you’ll get anything done. In fact, most of our to-do lists start with “Make a To-Do List,” just so we can cross something off. With CARROT, your to-do list becomes a game, and you get more done because of it. Whether you accomplish your tasks and CARROT rewards you, or you upset it is totally up to you and your productivity. (iOS)

8. Last Message

Your phone battery is going down. There is barely any juice left and you don’t think it will last more than a text or two. If this scenario has happened to you more than you’d wish, Last Message is a must download. The Android app will text, email, Facebook message, or tweet the friends and family you select to alert them when your phone is about to die.  (Android)

9. Over

There are countless apps out there that let you mess around with your photos and make them all spiffy. The one that we’ve been having the most fun with recently is Over. The app is simple with one defined purpose, to allow you to add beautiful typography to your shots. Instead of adding boring text like you would with say a Camera+, Over lets you get a bit more stylish and design-y. (iOS)

10. Vine

There’s a good chance you are already on a variety of social networks. If you can handle one more outlet for sharing bits and pieces of your life, consider Vine. Instead of pictures or 140-character chirps, Vine is made for short video sharing. While it is still a bit buggy, it could be the next big thing. (iOS) (Android)

11. Instructables

For the craftsman on the go, our favorite DIY site has finally released their first ever iOS app (an Android version is in the works). Instructables offers plans to build everything from a simple new coffee table to a chair made out of tennis balls. Have at it Bob Vila. (iOS)

12. The Chihuly App

If you’re searching for a more sophisticated time-waster than a game that involves destroying brightly-colored swine, check out The Chihuly App. Based off the work of Dale Chihuly (What, you aren’t deep in the blown glass game?), this addictive app lets you play artist as you bend, curve, and mold your own work. It’s the app that’s as appropriate to toy around with at the bar as it is at The Guggenheim. (iOS)

13. Directr

Not everyone wants to jump in the murky waters of iMovie and other video editing apps. For those who desire simplicity, there’s Directr. Directr prompts you on the shots it’s looking for, you supply them, and just like that you’re Steven freaking Spielberg.  (iOS)

14. Stow

We have never gone on a trip where we didn’t forget to pack something. Usually underwear. Stow is gonna help you. Offering packing list templates that can be adjusted for length and type of trip, you no longer have to worry about trying to remember everything you need. There aren’t a lot of frills, but it’s one of those apps you’ll appreciate having when need-be.  (iOS)

15. MyScript Calculator

How exciting can a calculator be? Well, outside of those graphing calculators that the genius kids programmed games onto, not very. MyScript Calculator is about as exciting as it gets, and it’s actually worth downloading. MyScript Calculator lets you use your own handwriting for imputing math problems, so you don’t have to worry about pressing tiny number and symbol icons. Is it the most exciting app in the world? No, unless you LOVE CALCULATORS!!! (iOS) (Android)


Ah, the waffle weave. Looks cool, feels great, reminds us of toasted Eggos. You’ve seen them before–probably in a fancy store or hotel–but Parachute’s brand new Waffle Towels are different. They’re spun using innovative Aerocotton Technology, which basically means they’ll be dry by the time your significant other finally gets out of the shower and realizes you stole their towel. Parachute’s Waffle Towels come in two sizes and two neutral colors. Plus, their 100% cotton construction means they start soft and only get softer with time. Even Kevin McCallister would approve.