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VERO Workhorse Chrono

VERO Workhorse Chrono

Activity or work in the field warrants a tough watch, and sometimes you want one that’s a bit more stylish and unique than a G-Shock (as much as we love G-Shocks). Relative newcomer VERO has followed up its excellent Open Water dive watch with a rugged active lifestyle watch that’s as handsome as it is tough. The Workhorse Chrono is appropriately named for its robust materials and construction including a 44.5mm case that’s ceramic coated steel (Cerakote). The dial is clean and unobtrusive, juxtaposed against wire case guards and black and orange chrono pushers. It also has two steel crowns, one for the time and the other for the internal timing bezel that’s marked off in 5-minute increments. The movement is appropriately quartz. The single-pass Nato uses synthetic leather, nylon, and Velcro for security. It comes in two versions, Canyon and Backcountry, and the pricing comes in at well under $500.

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