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After Todd Snyder partnered with L.L. Bean, we could all see that the two American brands had created something special. Imagine my delight to know that Snyder has made his way back to the Pine State for a new project. This time, it was designing the interiors for twenty one-bedroom bungalows for Hidden Pond, a luxury lodge in Kennebunkport. While other designers have, of course, worked in the hospitality space before, this project by Mr. Snyder feels different. He did his research. 

Understanding the variations in Maine’s landscape, Snyder first set out by creating three scenic aesthetics: mountains, coastline, and countryside. From there, he used his keen eye to create the 20 bedrooms that are being admired for their mix of polite restraint and heady maximalism that defines Snyder’s fashion line as well. From comfortable seating to warm tones and screened-in porches, each bungalow carries its own personality that invites the guest into the World According to Todd, who has masterfully combined escapism and the beautiful reality of Coastal Americana that pervades his work these days.


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