Las Vegas… the foundation of the American bachelor party. While there is no denying that this city has a time and place, there is a different (and some would say better) way to celebrate the end of single-dom. A bachelor party should be a place to reflect, enjoy, and most importantly bond with your closest friends.

With that in mind, we suggest the following alternatives to celebrate the big day.


For the Outdoor Enthusiast

This is a super flexible option that allows the day/weekend to be tailored for the group. It can be as extreme or as comfortable as needed and spans multiple price points. For the relaxed, gather around a campfire approach, look for the closest national park and reserve your camp spot. If they’re the active type, conquer a milestone and hike a 14er in Colorado (Barr Trail is a great option). White water rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing are great activities to include in the itinerary.


The Day at the Track

For the gearhead, few things are as fun as flying around a track, and almost every metropolitan area has a track that can be reserved. If you want to dream a little bigger, some professional tracks open up to the public. Schedule the bash around a professional race and try the track out for your group the following day.


For the Waterman

Chartering a boat is a great way to enjoy a weekend. Sailing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and diving are all possible activities for a waterman. Pack the ice chest, grab your polarized sunglasses, and enjoy a day on the water.


For the Sportsman

A hunting or fishing trip is another great outing. If looking to go upscale, book a hunting lodge. Possible destinations include Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. However, if you’re looking for something a little more low-key, pack up the car, rent a canoe, and head to the nearest lake or river.


For the Cultured Groom

For the man who enjoys the finer things in life, reserve a private room at his favorite restaurant. Many chefs will work with you to provide a custom menu based on the groom’s favorite dishes. Another possible idea is to book a restaurant attached to a museum and take the culture bar up another notch (Otium in LA is the perfect example). Finish the evening on a celebratory note with a post dinner cigar or brandy.


The Brewery/Distillery Tour

If the groom enjoys his spirits, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is hard to beat. If he is a craft beer fan, there are multiple destination possibilities including San Diego, Portland, Ashville, and Austin. A brewery day complete with tours and tastings makes for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Urban19 (1)

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