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We’ve seen some exciting advancements in the world of projector technology. Upgraded picture quality, portability, and ease of use have been combined in some top-notch projectors. The latest to catch our eye is the newly announced Freestyle from Samsung. Samsung debuted this project, which looks like a mini spotlight, at CES 2022. It’s less than two pounds, allows you to display 30 inches to 100 inches, and the swivel function means you can direct it at the wall, ceiling, a bedsheet outdoors, and just about anywhere. Built-in speakers offer 360 degrees of audio with its 5-watt woofer and the Freestyle comes with Alexa voice assist and Bluetooth audio is supported.

The Samsung Freestyle project is pricey at $900. While the project offers HD 1080p video, it might be hard to achieve crystal clear visuals at 100 inches unless you’re in pitch-black. But, the built-in apps on this smart projector mean you can stream anywhere there’s wifi. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper, more portable projector with better visuals.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Freestyle are available now with shipments expected to go out by February 2nd.


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