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Christie’s has been responsible for some of the great rare and collectible items of all time, so it should come as no surprise that they’re behind the GOAT sneaker auction that is Michael Jordan’s ‘Original Air.” Described the Christie’s x Stadium Goods team as, “a landmark online sale offering the most comprehensive sneaker record of Michael Jordan’s era-defining Chicago Bulls career. With a total of 11 lots including sneakers that are among the rarest of the rare, ‘Original Air’ unites the greatest collection of historic Michael Jordan footwear memorabilia ever offered at one time.” They’re not wrong, either. The collection includes classics like the: Air Ship (MJ Player Exclusive, Game Worn Sneaker), Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” (Player Exclusive, Game Worn Sneaker) and the Air Jordan 14 “Chicago” (Player Exclusive, Practice Worn Sneaker). All of the pairs that are available as part of the auction provide a one-of-a-kind look not only at Jordan’s career, but the impact his sneakers had on sports, culture and style. Prices for each of the pairs start at a handful of thousands of dollars and rise steeply all the way up to half a million bucks.


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