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Nike Air Max sneakers have been cool for as long as we can remember, but even we had no idea how much history the almost thirty year old had. Nike’s “The Evolution of Visible Air” traces the history of Nike Air Max with Visible Air from Air Max 1 in 1987 to the newest release, Air Max 2015. There have been a lot of changes and innovations over the years that have led to the maximum air, maximum flexibility and the sensory experience of walking on air. It’s an incredibly interesting story, with a new pair of Air Max sneakers to buy as well.

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There are lots of gifts you can give or get that fit the bill, but few things check the boxes like a good bunch of cigars. That’s where La Aurora comes in with their Cigar Sampling Packs. The original Dominican Cigar company that has been hand-rolling high-quality cigars in the Dominican since 1903, La Aurora has the perfect gift for anyone on your list and they start at just over six bucks a stick. As if that deal wasn’t enough, for a limited time you can get free shipping to 43 states, so try La Aurora today.