Dumping a liter of soda on your head sounds like something you’d do at a wild college party after a night of Jagerbombs and not as part of your daily morning ritual (unless you happened to be John Blutarsky then it would oddly make sense).  If you’re sick of shampoos with scents like “Hilltop Mist” and “Honeydew Breeze” take a gander at these soda inspired hair cleaners.  With these soda shampoos from Digitalsoaps, you can wash your hair with the scents of A&W Root Beer, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and more.  For a morning pick-me-up some have even been infused with the caffeine kick you expect when you twist a cap.  With the caffeine and smell of a refreshing Mountain Dew, you may actually lather, rinse AND repeat now.

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