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Nike paid homage to Vietnam War-era U.S. Army jungle boots with their new SFB Jungle WPs. It’s another member of their Special Field System collection, and its vintage look gets updated with modern shapes and waterproofing. The upper is constructed with tough khaki cloth and synthetic leather, and the outsole gets a wholly new tread pattern for added grip and foot protection. The SFB Jungle also gets a new lacing system that provides added security. In addition to the functionality, the boots use Academy at West Point “U.S” tongue lettering, menacing 1st Calvary saber motifs on the heel and the pull tab, Air Cavalry chopper collar tags and “120 Dec 14 19” labeling inside. These are purpose-driven boots with the perfect nod to history where far braver men (and boys) gave all.


Made of naturally antimicrobial copper allow, The Clean Key works like extra hand or finger to let you open doors, push buttons on ATMs and elevators, and even operate touch screens on registers–without direct contact. It can also be easily cleaned with steel wool or a disinfectant wipe without tarnishing or corroding the slick exterior.