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Converse is making use of the FlyEase technology, launched by Nike, in its latest edition of the Chuck Taylor sneakers. The all-new Chuck Taylor All Star CX is a redesigned version of the classic kicks featuring a canvas collar and padded tongue along with a CX foam-padded insole and adjusted sock liner. The FlyEase was launched as a way to make shoes more accessible. The technology allows for hands-free use when putting on taking off your sneakers. A cage on the heel flexes, collapses, and rebounds when stepping into them. To take them off, simply step down on the heel tab and slide out.

The style may not be as iconic as the classic Chuck Taylors, but the unique and effective tech means more folks can sport these sneakers without the need to manually lace-up.

“By blending Nike FlyEase with the Converse CX comfort platform, we’ve crafted a progressive design,” shared Phil Russo, Converse Global VP of Design & Innovation, in a press release, “one that marries a suite of comfort-innovation technology with the added benefit of ease of entry, making the Chuck Taylor All Star more accessible to Converse fans of different abilities.”

The Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase launches in Asia and various global markets on February 24th. In the US, they’ll debut online on March 17th. Sneaker News reports that they’ll retail for $105 though that has not been confirmed by Converse or Nike.

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