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Breitling’s Top Time series is one of its more interesting and colorful offerings, and their latest version comes by way of Triumph Motorcycles, namely its matching Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition 1200cc bike. This time around, the Top Time version is a bit more muted but nonetheless stunning. The watch draws inspiration from 1960s café-racers, and it boasts an icy blue “Zorro” brushed dial with the Top Time bow tie pattern. It draws from the archives: a blue Triumph Thunderbird 6T from 1951 and a rare ice-blue Breitling Top Time Ref. 815 from the 1970s.​ A Swiss mechanical automatic movement with 48 hours of power reserve manages timekeeping duties. The 41mm case is just the right size, and the black perforated rally strap is the perfect match. Breitling will make 270 limited edition versions of these that match the accompanying bike’s number. You can, of course, just buy the watch and look almost as cool.

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