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Triumph TR25 Concept by Makkina

Triumph TR25 Concept by Makkina

If you thought Triumph had retreated from the scene, think again, because they’re back with a bang. Feast your eyes on this jaw-dropping ride. The TR25, designed by Makkina, is a cutting-edge masterpiece that will have your heart racing and your eyes glued to its sleek design. This marks the first time that Triumph has built a four-wheeled automobile since the ’80s and it’s clear that the brand is taking this return seriously.

Triumph’s latest design, brought to life by automotive design house Makkina, is just a concept car for now but early impressions are promising. This low-slung sports car boasts futuristic lines that seamlessly blend nostalgia with innovation, giving us a glimpse of what the future of driving could look like. It’s been built on the design and powertrain of a BMW i3S with a carbon fiber construction i3’s short wheelbase. One seat is available for the driver with a fold-out jump seat hidden beneath a hard tonneau cover. You’ll also find a unique and decidedly modern twist on the original Triumph cars’ bug-eyed headlamps. In the rear is a pair of striking vertical blades.

It’s not clear if or when the all-electric Triumph TR25 will hit the production line but we’ll be following along closely.

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