Flat tire, stuck in the mud, or just want to lift your car up? This jack is perfect for you. No worries of placing the jack on the frame correctly, or if you can get a jack under it at all. By attaching the 15-ft hose to your tailpipe, you can lift your vehicle with ease through the power of its own exhaust. Great for changing flats, recovering from mud, sand, snow, or whatever else you may be off-roading in. Works with vehicles, trailer, campers and ATVs.


When it comes to proper attire during the warmest months of the year–we’re talking weddings, cocktail hours, work outings and the like–linen clothing is an absolute necessity unless you live in the tundra or want to look like you’re melting. That’s where Percival comes in. Whether you’re looking for a safari shirt, tapestry Cuban shirt, easy breezy trousers or a lovely linen suit, Percival has the strong, lightweight and breathable options you need in all the stylish, colorful and well-built options you want. Upgrade your warm weather wardrobe with Percival today.