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When some fresh snow is falling, it’s understandable that the kid inside you wants to hop on a snowmobile and carve it up outside. But what do you do when you have kids of your own to watch after? You get The Snowcoach from Equinox. The vessel attaches to the back of a snowmobile or ATV and lets you pull along the little ones while cruising through some powder. The Snowcoach features high performance gas shock suspension, seat belts, body reflectors, and brake/running lights. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have playing chauffeur.

Tovala Meal in front of oven_Credit Audrey Ma (1)

Christmas has finally come and gone. All that celebrating was well deserved, but it is time to focus on getting time back for yourself in 2022. That’s where the Tovala Smart Oven comes in. Their smart oven and chef-crafted meals work together so you can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal at the touch of a button–without any of the heavy lifting. Pick and choose your favorite meals and Tovala makes it easier than ever to skip your meal prep. Get your Tovala Smart Oven here.