Specialized is regarded as one of the best brands for bicycles, combining stellar aesthetics with excellent performance. Whether you’re looking for a race bike or a solid commuting option, Specialized has you covered. While the brand had already developed their Turbo e-Bike collection, they’ve gone a step further with the announcement of Globe. Globe is positioned as a sub-brand for Specialized focusing on utility e-Bikes. Similar to bike company Cake’s announcement, these utility bikes are built for longer trips lugging groceries, work gear, or whatever you need.

Few specific details followed the announcement though some have speculated that the Globe bikes will feature hydraulic brakes, a rear hub motor, and an LED light on the front wheel. No pricing has been announced as of yet.

Specialized aims to position the Globe e-bikes as a replacement for short-trip car rides. It’s an interesting proposition and we feel that many of Specialized’s customers might consider a utility e-bike a more sustainable option for brief commutes or running errands. Specialized aims to start taking orders for the Globe utility e-bikes in late 2022 with fulfillment in early 2023.


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