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Italy has long been considered the hub of the high-class automotive world, but Croatia has just now entered the conversation. Rimac Automobili, based in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia, has just announced the acquisition of luxury carmaker Bugatti in a joint venture with Porsche. Rimac’s founder, Mate Rimac will continue to run the newly formed Bugatti-Rimac after acquiring the Bugatti brand from Volkswagen. Under this deal, which sees Rimac own a controlling 55 percent stake in Bugatti, the two brands will continue to produce cars independently. However, Rimac plans to consolidate the two companies with a $230 million-dollar Bugatti-Rimac Croatian HQ, which is slated to open in 2023.

Rimac Automobili has made a name for itself creating powerful electric sports cars like the Nevera. The combination of Bugatti’s legacy and engineering with Rimac’s innovation in the EV world will make for a near-unstoppable luxury auto partnership.

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Montreal-based watch upstart Solios has introduced an uncompromised approach to watch creation that is equally stylish, sustainable, well-built and elegant. The end result is a full complement of solar-powered watches bearing the Solios name that are the perfect blend of minimal and functional while also being clean and renewable. In other words, you’re strapping one of the sleekest and most stylish watches that also happens to have been built with Mother Earth in mind. Since it’s available in a number of case colors, dial colors and eco vegan leather options, there’s a Solio Solar Watch for everyone.