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When Renault sold cars in America in the ’80s, we got insipid models like the LeCar and the Fuego. Too bad we can’t have this one. The new 4EVER Trophy celebrates the 25th anniversary of the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally. It takes the upcoming Renault 4 four-door hatch and makes it off-road ready with Dakar Rally influences. The gunmetal silver car gets magenta accents all around. The 4EVER Trophy also receives a serious lift to a clearance height of almost eight inches, rugged body trim, huge fenders, 19″ wheels with built-in air compressors, tie downs, and an LED-illuminated roof rack. There are even recovery boards and a shovel in back. It might not be a production vehicle, but we could see Renault using it as inspiration to create a compact crossover that’s ready for the rough stuff.

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