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Live high off the miniature rock-crawling hog with this near-perfect remote-controlled International Harvester Scout II from Red Cat Racing. Not only does it look the part with its retro body and awesome blue or orange paint jobs, it has the underpinnings to make it truly fun in the small rough stuff. The fully-licensed Gen8 Scout II comes with waterproof electronics, fully articulating suspension (independent front, 4-link rear), oil-filled shocks, rubber off-road tires on genuine beadlock wheels, and adjustable suspension, ride height, approach angle, etc. so you can do more than pretend. Details like custom bumpers with tow hooks, folding mirrors, and riveted fenders give it rugged visual chops, and it also has an expansive set of upgradable features so you can add LED lighting, and 3D printed parts just to name a couple. It’s just the kind of toy that will make you forget you’re a working adult.


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