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There’s no way Ram is going to let Ford and Chevy have the only EV pickups among American automakers. Now, it’s bringing a Howitzer to a gun fight with the 1500 Revolution. It departs from the gas-powered Ram 1500 design and looks sleeker as a result. It uses the new SLTA platform that’s designed first and foremost as an electric truck, rather than being an afterthought from the gas version. It’s still body-on-frame like a true truck should be, but the battery is mounted between the frame rails, and there are two electric motors.

The concept truck you see here has a wider, lower, and shorter hood. The truck features flush-mounted door handles, swivel-away tow hooks, and side cameras instead of mirrors, and it remains to be seen whether or not these will show up in production. The bed is connected to the cab, and the power-operated mid-gate opens up to allow longer loads inside via a passthrough all the way to the frunk. Crazy. Futuristic features like an augmented reality head-up display, twin 14.2-inch screens, a charging robot, an exterior movie projector, and a retractable steering wheel for hands-free autonomous driving are also very much concept features that may not see the light of production. The concept shows off tons of sustainable materials, voice command AI, and a Shadow Mode that allows the truck to follow you at slow speeds. No word on power, range, and charging times, but Ram says they will be class-leading. Expect the Ram 1500 Revolution production version to hit the market sometime in 2024.

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