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Typically when we write about e-bikes we note how sleek, stylish, and powerful they are. But with this limited edition, 1-of-1 e-bike from Serial 1, an offshoot of Harley Davidson, we’re talking about how utterly unique it is. The Mosh/Chopper looks like a Wheelie that the kids from Stranger Things might’ve ridden. But it features a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, a Brose mid-mount motor, and integrated lighting. But you’ve also got the classic long-and-low banana seat, high-rise handlebar, and a Street Freak” paint job. It all comes together for a bike that would surely turn heads. The Mosh/Chopper is the first release from Serial 1’s 1-OFF custom series where the company releases a brand new custom-made electronic bike a few times a year. The auction for this Mosh/Chopper will close at 5 PM MDT on Tuesday, August 10th. So, if you want to be the proud owner of this modern throwback, you’ll need to act fast.


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